Friday, June 20, 2008

IT'S OVER!! Dream Wedding Contest

The voting ended at 12 noon eastern time. It was a long road to the end and I learned just how compassionate, sharing, caring and CRAZY my fellow Cricut MB sisters can be!!

Many of us had timers to keep our votes on track. We had a day crew, evening crew and night crew going from all over the world - SERIOUSLY!!! I think there were some new friendships made during the whole Dream Wedding Contest, and some that even might last a life time!

There were other MB's that got into the groove too! I know for one that Splitcoast Stampers had members voting.

We started out behind and quickly took second place. Then we went to first! Then we went back to second....oh the excitement and determination!!

Soon many many people joined in to all the voting frenzy on the Cricut MB! We pulled ahead again! We surpassed the other couples quickly and while we did have to fight to stay in first place for awhile we were able to surge past the other couples.

The finally vote tally for Norma Anne and Henry was 71,156. The couple closest was at 39, 275 votes.

WE DID IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! We got Norma Anne and Henry their dream wedding!!

The official announcement won't happen until Monday the 23rd. So do stay tuned to the website for that!

But I can officially announce the winner of the blogger contest!!

And the winning blog in the contest is..........



  1. YAY! I even had a DREAM about them winning. I am so glad to see that they did. What a great story they have. :)

  2. Okie,

    They won!!! Yeah....

    It's over, and you have been Tagged!
    Check out my blog for info.

    "Um Buggin"

  3. Yeah!! So glad they won! I voted often and I hope their day is everything they have hoped for. Sharri

  4. i am a member of a craft forum in the uk, and we were all voting too, i did feel sorry for some of the other couples who when i had last checked did not even make triple figures! glad all the hard work was worth it to make someones dream come true