Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gotta share a funny about my cousin....

My cousin who use to live in Wichita Falls TX called me this morning. She now lives in Ohio. She moved up there last month but her husband is staying in Texas to get the house sold. She is trying to keep track of her finances carefully since they have two households to take care of in two different states right now and she emails her husband about her credit card use so they can keep track since she has the receipts in Ohio and he has the bill in Texas *okay I need a husband like that! HA HA HA........uuhh....but seriously.....anyone know where I can find one??*

She forwarded me the emails about the latest report she sent her husband, she thought she was being funny, but his response was the killer!!!

This one is hers....

on 5/12/08

Life uniform...........................138.06

Shoe Carnival.........................56.29

on 5/18



It was a pleasure doing business with you

This was her husband's reply........

Ms Crosby,

Although you sent me the info for two purchases below from the last billing period, I already had the necessary charges registered in the official log as I extracted the info from your sources approximately one week ago. As for the purchase on 5/18, I appreciate the timely response as you know proper documentation prevents potential errors and financial problems down the road. My staff would appreciate it in the future if you consult them prior to any substantial purchase as they reserve the right to refuse service to you.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or comments you may have regarding this memo.

Thank you and I look forward to conducting business with you in the future as you have been a contributing factor in my client having a superior credit rating.

Good Day,

Your Husband,

DBA, BJC Financial Services, Inc.

Now how he comes up with stuff I will never know!! *crackin up laughin*

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  1. This too funny! Sounds like my DH's reply would be as he always checks online and sees how much I have spent before I even give him the sales receipts! He was a CFO and I guess they just don't let anything slip by them. LOL