Monday, May 19, 2008

Are ya hungry??

FILES FILES FILES........sooo now ya'll can start seeing what I have been busy on and the reason I haven't been posting files. As promised the swap is over so I can share the files with you guys. WOOHOO!!

In the BBQ swap one of the challenges was to make elements. I designed a few things that would be great for cookouts!! I do have some other files I will be adding this week that have to do with cookouts!

I made some BOWLS for the swap. The stars and stripes can be deleted easy enough if you don't want them on your bowls. And you can add your own designs on them if you like. The top one I was going for potato salad but my daughter pointed out it could be used as potato chips also! *when did she get so smart?* I just used a marker to outline the potatoes to add some definition to them. On the salad I used some mulberry paper to make the lettuce look better. I also used glossy accents on the cherry tomatoes. Oh man I can't wait until my tomato plants start growing and producing! I love me some cherry tomatoes!! MMMMMMM

This is the HAMBURGER I made. Okay so I cheated!! I looked at the one on Locker Talk as an example for mine. Again I used mulberry paper for the lettuce. I also added the glossy accents for the cheese to give it a shiny look, not sure it shows up too well on the photo though. I did ink the bun edges and also the hamburger patty. Uh...yeah there are no tomatoes or pickles.......this ain't Burger King, you can't have it your way! ROTFLMAO *oh how I crack myself up!!* I think you should be able to make some easy enough if you want to make a fully loaded burger.

Anyone thirsty? I also made a SODA CAN. Okay so I drink Diet Coke. But I dont think everyone is a Diet Coke fan. The word on this one is Jasmine. But you can change it to what font you prefer, and what ever color ya want *I know there are probably some pepsi fans out there (insert yucky face here)*. Just make sure you kinda use the can as a guide so your word fits on it. On the one in the picture I had used something from Fabulous finds as the tab, but changed it for here since some folks might not have FF. So it is all with George.....uh....okay the word isn't but I already talked about that. I used an embossing tool to define the top of the can.

This T-BONE STEAK was actually designed for a recipe card. But can be used however you want *just don't try to eat it when you get done, not sure it would taste too good*. I am more of a rib-eye gal myself!! But ya know the only bad steak is one that is gone!! EAT MORE BEEF!!

The mats are labeled and I think from the picture you can see how to put it together. I added the grill marks with a cat eye ink. Ya know lookin at this I think the bone can be removed and it would also look kinda like a ham!! EAT MORE PORK!!

Aw heck I could never be a vegetarian....I love MEAT!!


  1. Thank you so much for the hamburger cut file! I am going to use it in my classroom to help with paragraph writing. The buns are the topic sentence/conclusion and the toppings are the details. It should make a great visual for the kids!


  2. Thanks for the bowl cut file. They are just right for a project I am making for our school bulletin board.

    kindest regards,

    Karen Hilaire