Thursday, May 29, 2008



Uhh.......yeah.....don't have the file yet but I did make one. Well okay I do have the file but trying to do some options for it first. Anyway.......I ain't sharing it yet HA HA HA HA *in wicked evil laugh that is between the wicked witch from the west and Cruella Devil*. Hopefully later today, I will have time to do the instructions for the Criss Cross card and do the Trifold card then also. The trifold isn't a true trifold, since it only folds twice.........okay I will call it a double fold from now on. I don't have enough room on the baby bug to make it a true trifold.

Anyway I think I am rambling here, maybe because it is so late. Maybe it is because I am almost out of ice tea and have no more tea bags. Maybe it is because I am almost delirious because my dessert recipe swaps will be in the mail by the deadline! WOOHOO! Okay I gotta give props to my daughter on this one. I was so tired from taping and gluing earlier I had to take a break from them. I looked over there and that girl was getting the stickling done on them! *Seriously did ya think I would be able to do one without stickles?*

OOHHH!! How do you guys like the new look of the blog? I was playing around with it last night and thought I needed a new look, something more me! I need to do some fine tuning on my banner but for now it will have to do.

Okay think I better get to bed before I fall out of this chair! Well okay maybe just a short cruise through the MB before heading off to bed.........


  1. Love your new look site and cant wait to see your card tomorrow

  2. Nice new look on the site! It's so "fresh"

  3. absolutely love the changes on your blog! I love the top bar! Enjoy doing your swaps...I'm getting ready to start my first ever! Thanks for all your encouragements!