Thursday, May 29, 2008

CRISS CROSS CARD - Instructions and pictures

Okay.....whew!! I got it pretty much fine tuned and ready for the blog. Oh...I mean the CRISS CROSS CARD of course, uuhh yeahhh that is why the title of this post says it. THIS IS AN UPDATED VERSION: You will actually be cutting parts to make two cards at once. You will need to cut each side of the envie base twice but the other cuts include two. Thought since there was room on the mat you might as well cut two and save time! *sometimes okie impresses herself with her economic thoughts, other times not so much - like when she sees a clearance sale*. OH yes and it is with George!

If the picture is too small you can click the picture and it will open bigger so you can see more details.

These are the cuts you end up with. Okay so you will end up with a set of two on the mats, all except the envie base and then ovals. If you want to make two cards at once just cut both sides of the envie base and ovals again.
There are score lines on the card where you will score for the angles to fold in. You will want to tape the right side on top of the left side, lining up the bottom and top and sides. They aren't lined up in the picture because I wanted to show a better shot of what I meant.

Next you will tape the triangles on the angles of the envie. Just line them up at the bottom and the sides of the envie. Turn it anyway you need to so you can line it up. I have it folded out here but when I get ready to tape them down I actually have the flaps turned it because I think it is easier that way. If you are wanting to ink your edges this is a good time to do it.

Next you will want to tape the angles down. I put arrows (which you might not see in the small picture) of where you will want to put your tape. Of course I used my handy dandy ATG gun.

Next you will fold the left hand side flap in. Pressing down to make sure it is adhered well.

And next you fold the right flap in. Again press to adhere well.

Next you will want to do the band. Line up the band on the back of the card almost to the edge. I did do a line of ATG tape so it would hold in place. Then apply tape the the small flap that is sticking out and fold into place.

This is how it will look in the front after the band is taped on.

HA HA HA I forgot to take a picture of the mats being put together but I think most of you know how to do that. Just line up equally on all sides and tape or glue down. I made the scalloped oval with George. It is optional but I liked the idea. I stamped the mat and then the inside of the oval.

TADA!!! This is the completed card with the card inside the envie.

This is the second cut I used. I did decide to use a different color cardstock for the second card, and actually I like these colors better!! OOOO AAHHHH!! *crackin up laugh* I didn't stamp anything on this one yet because not sure what I wanted. But I was able to make two cards at once with this version of the file.


  1. Thanks to you for another great card!

  2. Your talents amaze me. Thanks for sharing with those of us who are not talented in that area.

    Linda Martin

  3. I love this card, and have made several and taught friends how to make them.....manually. this file is SUPER-DEE-DUPER!!!! thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks to you Okie I made my very first Criss Cross card today! Well, actually I made 2! :) And, I might add, they look fabulous! You make everything so easy for us. Thanks again!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your cut files are wonderful! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  6. Once again another great card. I would love the cut file if you are sharing-I might try wedding invitations for my daughters wedding. Thanks ahead of time.

  7. this is a link to my blog where i used your cutfile, thanks for sharing and your daughter's dorm room looks so colourful and alive, nice accessories thanks to the mom and daughter team!!!

  8. Okie, this type of card has been displayed this month in one of our UK crafting magazines and I only thought today I must have a go at doing this - you beat me to it and I am so glad you did. I did have to convert the date in Hexedit but it is so easy to do, not hard once you know.

    Thanks for sharing you are so clever. Thank YOU.