Thursday, September 15, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Snow White

For the love of all that is holy I have no idea why we chose to do Snow White and her 1,200 colors in her dress! Okay maybe I exaggerate a little on how many colors but she definitely had more colors than the others. 

After doing Belle and all the yellow I was certainly hoping I had enough yellow to complete the skirt in Snow White's dress and I am glad to say that yes I had enough and still have some left. I don't think I ever noticed the differences in the color of my buttons until I did the princess project. 

The hardest part of Snow White was her sleeve. The red area was way too small for me to even cut buttons up so I decided to just leave that area paper and then try and do the light blue around it. It took a LOT of snipping of buttons to get those sleeves done to where they looked right. 

As you can see I did finish out her skirt and collar with white buttons. After I got her done I actually thought she might be my favorite out of the button princesses and I think it might even be due to the number of colors in her dress. My daughter said Snow White was her favorite out of them and it was because of the dress and colors. 

Tomorrow I will post the last of the button princesses!


  1. Snow White is beautiful. Of the 4 she is my favorite if I had to pick. Lucky for me I don't I got all of them. The sleeves are perfect. With the paper on the back and the buttons on the front you actually get a puffiness illusions. She is perfect.

  2. Ok, my mouth is hanging on the floor Shirley! You did an excellent job with Snow White!!!! I love how you got the puffiness of her sleeves and am amazed at how you were even able to do the sleeves in buttons, must less the collar! Absolutely beautiful!!! Hugs, Brenda

  3. This is incredible! I love the sleeve, although it was so difficult to do! I am really enjoying this series