Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Button Disney Princess Project - Sleeping Beauty

My friend Lori's 50th birthday was about a week ago but due to the Labor Day holiday she had her party a little early. Carmen and I had made great plans to get a project done for Lori's birthday party and I was going to surprise her and show up at the party but due to my niece having her baby that weekend I choose to cancel the trip to Houston and I spent that weekend making the baby projects I posted a few weeks ago.

The project Carmen and I decided to do was something that came from Pintrest where someone had made silhouettes of the Disney Princesses and then used buttons for the dresses. I had posted it on Facebook and told Carmen I thought we could make those and Lori and commented that she knew someone who would love those and said "ME!" And that is how the idea was born.

Anyway I had to ship the finished pictures to Carmen so she could put them in the frames and get them to Lori. They were a few days late getting to Lori, partly because my Goddaughter decided to bring the box back in the house that I had set out for the mailman to pick up.  

While I was working on the button ladies I would send Carmen pictures of the progress I was making. Aurora was the first one I did and when I sent Carmen this picture I asked about the white of the slip of the dress and of course Carmen said it needed to be in buttons too *okie makes a note not to ask Carmen questions anymore because she causes okie to have to do more work*

The problem became that I didn't have enough small buttons to fill in and I had to think of what I could do to get the area all covered without having too many buttons on there so I came up with the solution of cutting the buttons! As luck would have it I keep a small pair of needle nose pliers in my craftroom and they worked out great for getting the buttons cut down to the sizes and shapes I needed. 

When Carmen went to find frames she sent me pictures of several ones and we decided on white frames. For the background I used some pearl paper and then cut out designs on vellum to put on top of the pearl paper so there would be a nice background but not distract from the artwork.Yes I said artwork because after all the time and effort I really feel they are more artwork than a craft project. I was a little blown away when I saw the finished projects because the frames just set them off beyond what I would have imagined!

Now this Sleeping Beauty wasn't the only one I did...there are 3 more and they will be posted the next 3 days. I could have posted them all together but I feel they deserve their own post. 


  1. I love, love, love my princesses. The detail is amazing the love b put into each one shows. I was beyond thrilled. I wanted them so bad but knew I would never make them. I was joking when I said you could make them for me, but sure glad you guys did them. I wish you guys could have been here for the party but I understand. Thank you and Carmen. I LOVE MY PRINCESSES. Lori

  2. She is just gorgeous. You did an amazing job. What a special gift for your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow you did an amazing job! I've not seen anything like this, thank you for sharing!

  4. WOW ... you did a fabulous job on this ... she looks stunning. What a wonderful gift.

  5. Wow! I love how this came out Shirley!! Love the buttons on the dress and you are right, the frame really sets her off. Love the background, the pearl paper with the vellum is just perfect for a background. Hugs, Brenda