Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Pulled Out The Heat Press

While my daughter has not blessed me with grandchildren I am blessed to have young children in my life via her friends and also my eldest Goddaughter *okie thinks she is gonna have to make a post about her God Grandson that has stole her heart*. One of my daughters friends asked if I could make her children some shirts for their first day of school and she sent me some pictures of what she wanted. The designs looked simple enough and I told her no problem. What I didn't tell her was that I hadn't used my heat press in quite sometime and I wasn't even sure I still knew how to work it.

I was able to do the designs in Make The Cut in no time and it was of course a simple transfer to Design Studio and then cutting out the design and weeding. I love weeding! Carmen and I often talk about how much we love to weed vinyl. I know there are other weed lovers out there! Uhhh, I mean weeding lovers....hhmmm, people who love to weed vinyl *okie won't mention she probably does know some of the other weed lovers*. Anywho, when it came time to do the shirts I got a little nervous because I was afraid I was gonna screw them up!

After doing some reading on the internet I quickly remembered how to use the heat press and I was able to get the shirts done. 

Here is a picture of the kids on their first day of school wearing their shirts. These are two of the most adorable children I have ever met and their parents are doing the most wonderful job in raising them. I had the privilege of baby sitting them one night and we had a blast watching movies, drink juice and eating snacks. 

Here is a picture of Marcus modeling his "Kindergarten Stud" tshirt. I had to laugh when his mom said he didn't understand about the shirt but he is the definition of a kindergarten stud and his sweet nature is going to have him be the boy that every mom wants her daughter to date!

Little Miss Kay-Kay loved the bling of her shirt. I used glitter HTV to make her shirt, it's pink and black. As you can see she is a sassy little thing by her modeling pose and the child is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!!


  1. I see you haven't lost your touch 😀 awesome shirts for adorable kids

  2. OMGoodness ... these two are absolutely adorable ... and their shirts are pretty awesome too! Love them both.

  3. They little guys are adorable. The shirts are cute as can be!!! Kay- Kay little pose is so cute and yep, she might look a little cute!!

  4. The shirts are adorable Shirley but it is the kiddo's that steal this post! They are so dang cute and I can see where the Marcus is going to be a stud in Kindergarten! And little Miss Kay Kay-yep she is going to be a cute and sassy thing! Love, love, love her pose! Hugs, Brenda