Friday, September 4, 2015

Cricut Explore Review 4 - Regular Paper

So we know the E1 will cut onion paper, adhesive backed paper and construction paper but how will it do with regular paper? Well I found out when my friend asked if I would help her daughter with a car wash sign.

I thought they were going to bring construction paper but instead it was regular weight paper, like copy paper, in neon colors much like the picture on the left. I didn't tell them I never cut this type of paper in a machine before as I didn't want them to think they needed to go get different paper and I was curious as to how well it would cut in the E1. 

Using Make The Cut I designed the sign the night before they came over so I could just cut it once they came over. I already had it loaded up and saved in Design Space so it was just a matter of opening up DS and get to cuttin. 

As you can see the paper cut fabulously and of course Katy had the cutest sign at the car wash. Evidently it was so cute they decided to laminate it for future use since the Cougann's do fundraisers throughout the year. I did use cardstock making the car and there were like 4 different varieties used and once again the E1 cut them all like a champ. 


  1. You made a darling sign! So glad they laminated it. Shows how much they appreciate what you made!

  2. What a great sign this is. How wonderful that you can test the E1 and help your friends daughter with her Car Wash sign at the same time! Love that.

    I am actually a bit amazed that the E1 could cut thin copy-type paper so well, That is often a difficult material to cut using a die cutting machine because it is so thin. What settings did you use, or is there a setting for copy paper? Now I wonder if it will cut newspaper or magazine pages or paperback book pages ... I've been wanting to cut some layered crumpled flowers out of printed pages, but the idea of fussy-cutting each shape by hand is more than is more than I wanted to tackle. I know I am asking a lot Shirley ... but if you get the chance, I'd love to see what the E1 can do with printed pages. (This is not an urgent request ... just thought I'd ask in case you are looking for different materials to try out.)

  3. Thanks so much for your frank and honest product reviews. We know we can trust your opinions. And I loved the poster you made, too!