Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cricut Explore One Review 2 - Adhesive Backed Fabric

So like I said yesterday I didn't ease into review the Explore One I went in all gung ho and just knew that I would quickly find something this machine can't cut. Since the One is cheaper than the Air I figured it probably doesn't cut as well.

Since I tried super thin at first I thought I would go for something super thick and difficult for my next test. My friend Carmen had found a bunch of adhesive backed fabric sometime ago and I haven't used any because I was afraid my machines would just shred it so it has sat on the shelf for quite awhile just waiting to be used. 

I wanted a difficult cut so I decided to cut out a word and not just any word, but a word that is only a little over 1/2" tall and tiny curves in the letters. I was willing to sacrifice a little of the adhesive backed fabric in the name of experimentation and also thinking I certainly had something that wouldn't be able to be cut and it would be worth it!

Sadly...I was wrong! My first attempt didn't cut all the way through but once I changed the settings to "denim" I was shocked to see the results. There it was, on the mat, cut perfectly. I suddenly felt defeated. I mean come on now! Who would think a machine would cut this so small and so precisely! I left the letters on the mat so you guys could see the size of the letters and know I am not lying when I said how small and how well the Explore One cut this chit! I might add that I used the regular blade housing and blade as well. I know the deep cut blade was probably suppose to be used but I don't have one of those. 

A few years ago when I divorced Cricut I certainly didn't expect a reconciliation much less a reconciliation of this magnitude.  Damn you Provocraft! Damn you for making superior machines that so far cut anything I try! *okie stomps off with arms across her chest and mumbling explicit phrases under her breath*


  1. Well, chezzzzz, I have to admit it, I am pretty impressed so far. Now I am wondering what Shirley will try next ... Perhaps an old tin bucket? Maybe an old pair of leather shoes? Or could it be a bath mat? I joke, of course ... but still, my interest is peaked.

  2. That's great. I love my Explore too and glad they are having you review it cause you are always pushing the limits and giving an honest review

  3. oh dear...I can see it now...Porsche is going to be missing some denim jeans and they will be found in your layouts/cards. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dearest okie, I LOVE the way you hammer into testing things out. I can't be doing with people that go mamby pamby, I like a good ole proper test, so thankful for you hunny xxxx