Sunday, April 6, 2014

It Will NEVER Happen!

Remember a few months ago when I told ya that I had thought about selling all my stamps? Well I am now thinking it will NEVER happen! I was browsing through one of the Facebook groups and came across a few stamp sets that I just loved and they were just too cheap not to get them!

Years ago I fell in love with the My Favorite Things Who's That Girl and I have a few sets of those, I haven't used them in awhile but I still love them, and I was excited to see two sets I really liked for less than have the retail price...and they were brand new!

This one is MFT Lovin From The Oven. I think it will be great for a variety cards and has some great sentiments. I think the little extra images will be good for other things as well.

This set is My Favorite Things Top Shelf and once again I think it can be use for a variety of occasions or no occasion at all if you are just wanting to send someone a card. I am not sure what the two little pincushion things are suppose to be and maybe someone can tell me.

The one thing I do like about the MFT stamps is that the design is simple enough to color easily or to stamp on patterned paper and cut out if you would like to do that, which I do for the clothes and such.

The other set I got is from There She Goes, which evidently has gone out of business. I had never even heard of this company but ya know how things go in the crafting world, you find something you like only to find it doesn't exist anymore. Luckily when I did a search I did find some ideas for the stamps although there are so many sentiments and options I don't think it will be hard to come up with my own ideas. The funny thing is that the seller posted these in the middle of March and no one had commented and then after I said I wanted them another person said she wanted them if I didn't. I guess I got lucky by really perusing through the albums that day!

I really gotta stay off those Facebook groups that have people selling things dirt cheap or I am going to run out of room in my craftroom! At least I did get these put away and cataloged instead of just having them stack up. 

I'm off to play with my stamps to see what I can make!


  1. Hi Okie...I tried to tell myself the same thing.."No More Stamps!!" didn't work for me either lol and those are cool enjoy them play and create!!

  2. It's hard to say no when you find stamps with so many creative options.

  3. Where can I find these FB groups selling stamps?

    1. There are different groups and they sell all kinds of things. These were in the group The Scrapyard 1.0