Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Orlando Vacation - Day 3 and 4

SATURDAY! We had thought about going to Daytona for the end of bike week and then going to New Symrna to the beach but opted to stay home and enjoy the pool.

I posted a picture of the pool with my freshly pedicured toes to make my daughter jealous and she sent me a picture of my yard that was flooded due to a huge storm that was occurring back home. Karen stayed out longer than I did since my stomach was bothering me, neither of us got very much sun even though it was shining brightly.

We worked on getting our stuff packed for the cruise and I read about some of the activities that were available on the ship so we could kind of decide what we might like to do. We also looked up what to do at Nassau as we knew the day at Coco Cay would be spent on the beach since it is a private island held by the cruise line. I got our boarding passes and luggage tags printed so we would have that out of the way.

I love going to Goodwill so on Sunday we went to two different Goodwills, which lead to us having to do some laundry and repack a few items. After the second Goodwill we were both rather hungry and found a little Chinese restaurant that was very good. It was also close to Karen's new job so she picked up a menu to keep in her car if she wants to order lunch there sometime. We also went to a mall, a HUGE mall. Karen said it would only take a minute and it likely would have if we knew where anything was or if there had been a map of the mall posted anywhere. We ended up walking quite a bit of the mall and still not finding what Karen was looking for, which was some kind of hair care product if I remember correctly. I did find a few undershirts and a new light weight sweater at Old Navy that will be good for spring time, although I am quite certain we are going to go from winter straight to summer at this point.

After making sure everything was packed and in order for our departure for the port the next morning we hit the hay to get some good rest, and of course I couldn't get to sleep right away because I kept worrying if everything was packed which once we got on the ship and it was time to take showers we realized we forgot to pack shampoo and conditioner *okie still wonders how that happened*.

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  1. Sounds like you must have found the Milenia Mall ... it's definitely a large mall. I don't go there often enough to know my way around, so all I get is confused. There is a mall close to me (the Fashion Square mall). Although it's much smaller, I know my way around, so I can find what I'm after pretty quickly. I like shopping, but crowds are not my thing.

    Hope you were able to get some shampoo and conditioner while you were onboard ship. I forgot shampoo and conditioner ONCE while traveling to a small town in Oregon. I ended up using the bar soap provided in the hotel room (a small place, they did not offer any extras in the room - I felt lucky that I had a towel and wash cloth). This was back in my super long (below the knee) hair days. OMG ... what a mess my hair was. Imagine a raging mass of sagebrush sitting on top of your head ... sticking out 4 feet in all directions!!!!! Ughhhh ... that was me! I will never, never, NEVER forget shampoo and conditioner again!