Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vinyl Decals

One of the things I love about a cutting machine is all the cool things you can make with vinyl cuts. I have made signs for windows, decorated tumblers, labeled totes and probably a lot more if I thought about it.

Last week Linda was working on a file she created and sent it to me because I wanted to cut one for a friend. Linda had some problems figuring out the feature to get the words to curve properly so I sat at the computer while talking to her and manually spaced out all the letters more evenly and then she had me send the file back to her. I told her "my journalism major that I never followed through on finally paid off" and we discussed how back in the day before computers and software programs that typesetting was a lot of counting and basic math. I am thinking I might have stayed with journalism if we would have had all the cool programs that are available today. I sure did hate counting words and figuring out how to justify the columns.

Here is a picture of the decal after I got it cut. The guy I gave it too loved it. I told him "as soon as my friend Linda sent me the file I knew I had to cut one for you!". He is quite the gun enthusiast so it works perfect for him.

I have been asked to make a few more of these decals and as soon as I get the other things done I am needing to finish I will get these cut and weeded.

Since my friend Linda made this file I will not be offering it for download on my blog but you can contact her at Nothin' Fancy and ask if she would be willing to send you the file.


  1. i want to cut this out too...i live in a hunting area, the gun club is near enough that when the wind blows from the south we can hear the people shooting.

  2. Love it! I hope your friend will share :)

  3. Love It. My husband is a hunter and loves his guns. He is really upset about all the news and the gun control issues right now. He says the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is to have a good person with a gun.

  4. this is cool


  5. Cool decal! would work as a security notice on your front door for home or work.
    Thank your friend, Linda for the idea and share.

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