Saturday, November 3, 2012

OMG OMG OMG!! Google Drive!

Okay so I already made a post today but I had to come on here and post this!!

I was going to check on my Google Docs, where I am storing my Design Studio cut files these days to make sure it was all there since I haven't done anything with it lately and I noticed "Try Google Drive" and it said it would sync your files.

One of the reasons I never finished relinking all my files was because of the time consuming tedious task it was going to be and to be frank *okie wonders why we would want to be Frank and thinks she much rather just be okie* it was boring me to tears. ANYWAY....I downloaded Google Drive and was able to upload every single stinking DS cut file on my computer, yes that means even the ones I made back in the old days *okie wonders if 5 years ago really qualifies as old days but figures in the world of electronic paper cutters it does*!

Of course ya'll know I am busy with other things right now but I will be able to go back and relink the files so much easier now when I get the time!!

Oh and in case anyone is curious about how many files this might be, granted there probably are some duplicates but the folder shows 965 files...taking in account for duplicate or yucky design files, I would say I still have probably easily 750 cut files. That's a lot of dang files!

Okie dokie, back to work now....


  1. So after the first of the year, you can get them all linked and back on your blog again?

    Good! I had some of your older files and they got lost when I got my new computer---now I can get them again! Yay!

  2. Probably after the Christmas Party I can start. My Christmas is pretty much over after that LOL

  3. Be careful. Sometimes it takes the files off your computer and stores them in cyberspace. You then can not copy them from your computer to send to someone special etc. Even if it looks like they are still on your computer.
    All this integrating is really confusing.