Monday, November 26, 2012

Memory Slides

A few months back Blitsy had a great deal on the Ranger Memory Slide products and I stocked up. I had never used any but had seen some really cool things made with them and my friend Sandie had made a nice beachy one for me and gave to me on the cruise which I attached to the Memory Tray we made on the cruise.

I was working on a project and decided I wanted to do a Memory Slide for it and thought the one Sandie made me was so awesome I wanted to copy it in a sense. I, however, had problems with the sand. I bet I worked over an hour and trying to get that stupid sand to stay in place and when I finally got it in there and together I thought I was good. So much for that idea since the dang sand came sliding out of the bubble things and down into the frame. I was so frustrated I just left it as it was.

The shells and sand I used actually came from my Eastern Caribbean cruise and are from Half Moon Cay, a wonderful little island that Holland America cruise ships use.

Do any of you guys have an ideas how to keep sand in those suckers? Maybe I need to look for some video's or instructions on the internet because I really would like to do a few more.


  1. It looks great, they are kinda a pain to work with.

  2. I've not seen these before, I think it turned out terrific!