Sunday, November 25, 2012

Messy Craftroom!

I thought I better post something kind of craft related so ya'll don't think I am not crafting anymore. For the next few days I will be posting a few things as proof that I still do craft!

I bet you guys are wondering about what that is in that picture and I will tell you that it is Webster's Pages papers and embellishments. Due to this being a prize for the party I can't tell you everything or show you the finished product right now. I will however post a picture after the party of the finished project and of course give a list of supplies *okie wonders if she can remember all the supplies she used*.

Since many believe my craftroom probably looks like something out of "ORGANIZERS ARE US" *okie thinks if that magazine really existed she would subscribe* I thought I would give ya proof it doesn't. This is pretty much how my craft table has been looking lately as I am frantically trying to get the prizes done for the Christmas party. I am now down to less than two weeks and still have a lot to do.

One benefit of my daughter living here is that she can decorate the house. She worked on it yesterday and got most of my Santa's put up and will work on the tree today. Shiane has always loved decorating the Christmas tree and has ever since she was little. I use to put on the lights and beads and then let her have at it. I have to give her props and admit that she has always done an excellent job and dispersing the ornaments equally on the tree.

Guess I better get back to work stuff for the party!


  1. A bit of messiness just means that you've actually been creating! That's the most important thing, don't ya think? Looking forward to your Christmas party projects. I've been following for some time now and love the Christmas Party posts.

  2. I loved your comment about "Organizers Are Us" magazine :) I would also subscribe!! Have fun at your party!