Friday, June 17, 2011

Ya think a day bites, only to find out...IT DOESN'T!

And yesterday was one of those days! Not that it was a bad day, and actually it turned out a really good guess it didn't bite at all *okie confuses herself so easily*.

I had finally gotten the pool cleaned out and had been filling it up. In the afternoon it finally got full enough for me to turn the pump on and guess didn't work! C R A P O L A!! I had already planned on getting one of those salt water contraptions today to hook up to the pump but since the pump is out I will be ordering the combo thing. Found one almost $100 cheaper on than what they sell for on the Intex site.

I have my flights set for Houston and a friend of Carmen's was very generous and arranging the flights for me at no cost to me! *okie knows she is really blessed in her life*. So guess things are all set for Houston!! I didn't want to take the thunder from Carmen but I am also excited to finally meet some long time Cricut friends, Laurie and Lori!! No telling who else I might see at CKC. Maybe I should go incognito and just sneak up on folks *okie thinks she really likes that plan*.

I haven't gotten any more crafting done but I did get 81 prints sent to Walgreens today! They have a code of SOAKUP where you can get 30 prints for $3. My total was less than $9 including tax. At least I will have some pictures to scrap!! Good thing since I guess I will need to get some layout kits together because I think I have a crop to go to in Norman at the end of next month. I am not sure about the details and don't really care since Linda, aka LGuild, will just tell me where to be and when. And ya'll know I always do what Linda tells me *okie gives a huge eye roll*.

I got a busy day ahead so guess I better get going. I have a doctor appointment this morning, then have to go to the office for a bit, order the pool pump combo, pay some bills, run errands for Naomi and go visit her for awhile. Tonight I have a date with one of my girlfriends to play some Texas Hold Em and depending on how late we stay out I might not have a post for tomorrow!! *okie won't mention that it probably really won't happen depending on the drink special of the night at the casino*.


  1. Wow! You have a lot of fun things planned. Enjoy!

  2. Hey! Funny you mentioned your Intex pool...we are thinking of getting an UGP and that is one of the brands we are considering. I have some questions:
    Would you buy that brand again?
    Did you assemble it? Was it hard?
    Did you order online or locally? (or did it come with the house?)
    Ground prep?
    Can you move it later?
    Anything else I should know?
    -Rhonda in AR

  3. Hi okielady. I'm in OK too. Up by Crescent. I'd love to find some local scrappers.