Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I really need to make something!

But I have yet to craft a thing! I did actually get some pictures out and some paper and try to design a layout. The pictures are of Tim Holtz when I saw him at GASC last year in Arlington TX. Maybe I can get the layout done soon. Every time I start to work on something I go off and do something else, what else....well I really don't know!

My pump for the pool is suppose to be in today so I will be busy with that so not sure when the crafting time will come.

I have my trip set for Houston, tickets in hand and just need to figure out if I want to take anything scrappy or not. I am thinking NOT! I figure Carmen and I will just have fun visiting and if I feel the need to make something I can just use her stuff *okie hopes Carmen isn't reading this*. I am really excited to see my friend. We haven't seen each other in a year in a half, although we talk on the phone or text almost daily.

Oh I didn't win the dang TV Saturday night but the good thing is I have another shot this Saturday night. I got this getting the ticket thing figured out. I just have to sit at a table where people are playing big and let them win the tickets for the table. I was able to accumulate 4 tickets for next weeks drawing.

Oh has anyone seen the envelope with my birth certificate in it? I can't seem to find the thing. I had it on the cruise and I know I made it home with it but haven't been able to find it. I got an application filled out for a passport, just in case I decide to go over a border in the future, but I really need that dang birth certificate!! I have also misplaced my social security card *okie glances at Lucy and wonders if Lucy is behind this thinking she can keep okie from leaving her again*. Hmmm, not sure where those things could be but I really need to find them!

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  1. Okie, m'dear, I would not put anything past a schnauzer! :)