Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Questions about my pool

I have had a few questions about my pool on here and on facebook so figured I would just make a post about it.

I bought the Intex Above Ground Pool in May of 2006 from Walmart. My pool is 18' x 48" in diameter. It isn't too large but isn't too small either. Cleaning has generally been very easy. I am looking forward to the saltwater filtration system and will let you guys know how that works out as soon as I get it going. Matter of fact I will take pics of the pool before I hook it up, it is really green right now, and then after I get the filter going so we can see together how well this thing works....let's keep our fingers crossed! HA HA HA

Setting the pool up is fairly easy. I did have some dirt hauled in to help level the ground. Luckily my ground was pretty level. Now with that said I do need to prop up some of the posts again because the poles will sink with time. I have small patio blocks under my posts to keep them from sinking to much. Right now I think the pool might be off by about two inches, last year it was only an inch. Once the ground is level the pool is very easy to set up and put together. It is also easy to take down if necessary.

I did store it in the shed for a few years but it has been up for the past two winters here. Now with me living in town I don't get the winds like some do so I haven't had problems with it being blown away. Also, Oklahoma generally doesn't have bad winters so I wasn't too worried about it. Wouldn't you know it that the last two winters we have had ice and snow! But luckily it withheld and didn't have any problems.

Overall I would have to say the pool was a very good investment! I love to spend time in the water and I enjoy my friends coming over and having cook outs and relaxing in the pool. Also I think it was good for my daughter and her friends to enjoy.

Hope that answers questions you guys might have about the pool.

I drain my pool about half way for the winter and just leave it uncovered.


  1. We are considering getting a pool with the salt water filter next summer and I am wondering if you drain it completely in the winter? Cover it? I am in Colorado Springs so we get pretty mild winters most of the time, but then we have got the 2-4 ft snowfalls too so I am curious how you winterize it. Thanks Okie!!

  2. Okie -
    You're going to love the saltwater system. I got it 2 years ago and it worked great. We just got a new Intex this week and I will be using the salt water system. Easy to use. Good luck with yours!


  3. The salt water pump is the bomb!! I've had mine for over 2 years and I live in SC. It keeps the water crystal clear all year round. Got my sister and daughter to get one and they both love them!!! Absolutely no chemicals!!! You will love it!!! Makes owning a pool so easy!!! Let me know if you have any questions!! flipflopdiva@earthlink.net (Roxanne)

  4. Awesome.. just happened to be blog bopping about today. We've been looking at getting a pool and this is the one we've been looking at the reviews on, so am glad to see it can hold up well. :) Thankfully I have a husband who works around and in pools so the maintenance is ALL his job. :) Now the question is will it fit in my car.. Hmm..