Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Okay this is two hours after the salt water gizmo has been running. The pool is cloudy but it is not green anymore! So far so good! Will take pictures and post this evening to see if it turns clear for me!


  1. WOW! I sooo didn't expect you'd get such good results so fast!! I was rootin' for you and all, but just didn't expect it ;)Enjoy!

  2. WOW! That is super fast results.... I'm sure it will look sparkling very soon! :o)

  3. You're going to LOVE swimming in that pool! We had the exact same setup, with the salt water chlorinator and it's a DREAM!! Your eyes won't burn at ALL from swimming in it.. it's like swimming in saline solution... and your hair won't turn green from the chlorine half way thru the summer... and swimsuits won't fade...
    It's AMAZING and I LOVE mine!!
    Do you have well-water? Ours turned green like that from the iron in our well-water. We called a water supplier and it cost like $200 for him to come fill the pool with chlorinated water! We drained ours and had him fill it from his truck and never had green the rest of the summer...
    It gets to be over 100 degrees here a lot, so we would run the salt-water thing over nite for at least 8 hours and the pool was crystal clear all summer!
    We had ours for several years but had to take it down this Spring because the white poles rusted at the connection and one broke.
    Looking forward to replacing it soon!
    Just thought I'd share my experience, since you're always so generous sharing yours! (-:


  4. WOW!!!! We haven't even put our pool up this year because it is exhausting trying to keep it from turning green. At least once a year we get busy and forget to add chemicals and then the next day it looks like your before pics. We always end up having to drain and scrub it and refill it. I am going to have to show my husband this.


  5. I have been reading some good things about the salt method. We still have chlorine. Ours wasn't too bad when we uncovered it but we had a small pump problem and had to get a part but it is looking much better.

  6. Wow!! That's working fast, Okie!! You'll be swimming in no time!!! Lucky girl!! We had 110 here yesterday and no pool!! :( Hubby had one before we got married and said never again!! Darn it!! Enjoy yours, though!!!

  7. Okie,
    Im learning a lot from reading your posts and all the comments about pools and maintenance. Still haven't ordered our pool yet, though. We were on vaca. Now we are back and it is HOT and we want a pool.