Friday, March 11, 2011


I have been super busy with work this week and also with fielding phone calls from various people this week. I also had to go and spend a few hours with Naomi, whom I still absolutely miss!

Tomorrow I am going with my friend Linda, aka LGuild, to Norman for a garage sale at Whole Lotta Scrap. We are going to meet up with Renee, aka SoonerMT, for lunch. I am so looking forward to a little retail therapy after this week! I think Hobby Lobby will have the paper holders on sale and I am hoping to pick up two more boxes if I can talk Linda into stopping by there *okie figures that won't take more than a 'hey lets go to Hobby Lobby'*.

Next week is Spring Break and I have a full week scheduled with work *okie so refuses to use vacation and sick time* so I can make up for the week I missed while on the cruise. However I will be posting more about the cruise and I will also be doing a giveaway at the CRUISING WITH THE CRICUT blog. Not tellin ya what the prize is because, well that is just how I roll! HA HA HA


  1. Well I think it really sucks that you guy's are going to that garage sale without me! Have a great time.

  2. I'm so happy that your sad mood seems to have been lifted a little :) You're so sweet, love your blog!

  3. OOh! a sale!! Sounds like fun :) Get lots of good stuff. I really love that you have the Cruise blog, its great to really know how it all went. Thanks so much

  4. Remember your Hobby Lobby Coupons!!!

    Kathy Wyatt

  5. was hoping tha i would find you in better spirits with renewed strength...I think shopping therapy is as good as crafting therapy...GO TO IT!!!!! hope you find everything on sale....God Bless and keep you strong

  6. you are 'one busy lady'. i don't think i could ever fill your shoes.

    have fun shopping girl!


  7. Garage sales are my passion after crafting so I wish I was going with youall. Week after next is spring break week here but so many have already taken off so I have to work. Well somebody has to stay and save the lives while they are off playing. (I work in a hospital lab). Will be awaiting your posts Okie. You so brighten my day.

  8. Today went by so fast! Had a good time, saved "so much" money! LOL!

  9. Okie!!!!

    I have something for you on my blog. Stop by when you get a chance :o)

    Caroline (Doxieluv01)