Friday, March 4, 2011

Blast from the Past - Pocket Card

My first Pocket Card was a Halloween themed card. I have made several over the years and I love the little cards because you can add a gift card in there if you wish.

Originally posted September 21st, 2008

I wanted to try my POCKET CARD as a regular card without all the ghosts and spiders so.....this is what I came up with. The paper is from a K & Company stack and the staying on the front was a punch out from the stack. I do have to admit I like this card. I know I know there are more things I could have done like sewing or embossing, etc........BUT I AM LAZY!! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? I ADMITTED IT!! However....I did use some flourish stamps to jazz it up a little. The flourish is from an Autumn Leaves set.

Here is how the card looks open. As you can see I stamped on the inside too! The Happy Birthday is from an Inkadinkadoo Birthday Circle Stamp. Oh yeah and I doodled. I think I doodle just so I can say the just kinda cracks me up!! *okie must have sniffed too much zig pen today because she is just down right talkin crazy now*. You can see the velcro dot on the left hand side of the photo, that is what I use to keep these little handy dandy card closed.

As you see the mats are blank. AND! there is a reason for this! *who knew okie had foresight, okie sure didn't* I plan on using this one for when I give a gift card. I can use the herma dotto repositionable runner to adhere a gift card to one of the mats and then I can use the other mat for writing my own personal birthday message.

It's the last full day on the cruise today and we will be at Half Moon Cay and having a beach party. I wish I could tell you all the fun we are having but since I have this post scheduled you will just have to wait until I get back to hear all the stories *okie slightly remembers telling a certain someone from ProvoCraft "what happens on the ship stays on the ship"* or maybe I won't be telling any stories! HA HA HA


  1. such a great pocket card! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the pocket card idea. TFS,

  3. Love your post and am HAPPY you are haveing such a great time. Hope to see lots of pictures when you get back. Thanks for all of the blast from the past post also.


  4. Great little card Okie, I know you must be enjoying the cruise! TFS