Friday, November 5, 2010

Well guess what!

I don't have anything to post today. And it is Linda, aka LGuild's fault! See I told ya'll yesterday she keeps me arguing enough during stamp club so I can't get anything done! *okie thinks Linda might be the most evil of her friends*

Actually I did make the cutest card using a stamped scarecrow and my ProMarkers but there was a lady there that wanted the card to send to her I gave it to her *okie thinks she needs to stop being so damned nice to people*. I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get to take a picture of it. I did stamp some extra's off so maybe I can get another one colored this weekend and get it posted.

I spent a lot of time talking about the ProMarkers. There were a few ladies interested in them and wanted to know where to get them. Several watched as Linda and I colored with them. Yeah you heard me right, Linda colored with MY MARKERS!! The nerve of her! *okie cracks up*

Linda said she loves the markers and they are easy enough that even she can use them, I think she mentioned something about "they are idiot proof" *okie wonders if she should say the idiot part is right, but then decides to keep that thought to herself*. She is going to order markers from Carpediem Store and I sent her a list of about 24 more colors that I am wanting so we can order together and save on shipping! Right now the singles are on sale for $1.49 each. Shipping is a little high but since we are ordering together and quite a few it actually isn't bad.

If you live in southern California I believe you might even be able to go to their store. It is located at 3820 Valley Blvd Unit I, Walnut CA 91789.

OOHH and speaking of ProMarkers! Don't forget to go and enter the giveaway that Enfys is doing on Going Buggy! She is giving away a full set of ProMarkers...that is 148 markers!!


  1. Those pro markers sound wonderful. I am not much for coloring maybe it is because I don't know how to blend. I want to give those markers a try
    thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  2. My momma always told me that it TAKES TWO TO ARGUE! LOL!

    I don't think you really had any choice about handing over the scarecrow card! At one point I thought she might go postal if you didn't let her have it.

    Don't you know that it's going to taste good to an 8 month old? ROFLMAO!

    ***you have to be a grandmother to appreciate how much it means to get what you want for your grandkids!**

  3. Oh, and by the way, I really did say something about the markers being idiot proof.

    Then I amended that statement to say that they are "Linda" proof! LOL!

    Okie can tell you, I screw up some really, really, really simple things when left on my own! LOL!

  4. That price isn't a sale for CarpeDiem - their Promarkers are always $1.49, as far as I know. Good news - you know you'll need more!

  5. I really want to try out some of those markers... I will see if I can get one of my friends to get some too.... and it takes 2 to argue Okie! I'm sure Linda is a WONDERFUl friend! and would NOT dare to argue with you.... LOL I'll check back tomorrow to see what you've made! :o) Try to Stay out of trouble! :o)

  6. Now, Okie --- can you really have TWO evil friends?? What about EMA?? lol

  7. Scrappere69---thanks for taking up for me. I need all the defense I can get! LOL!

  8. Thank You for mentioning this blog and prize. Her page is awesome!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com