Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easy Tag Cards

I am finding that tags are easy and fast makin's *okie wonders who is going to question the use of the word makin's and decides if they are from Oklahoma they won't* for some great cards!

I honestly can't remember where I got these tags. I know someone sent them to me and I wish I could remember who! Anyway there were quite a few sent and I was able to come up with 3 sets of 6. The sets have similar designs but are still different. I will be posting more later this week.

The background patterned paper is K & Company Maison stack. I have used this stack for quite some time and still have over half the pack left. I just love this paper! There are actually 3 different patterns of paper used, but you might not be able to tell in the picture unless you click and make it bigger.

I added some Prima flowers to the front corner and then some flat back pearls for the flower centers. I printed my sentiment using MS Word and then simply tore it out for the aged look *okie wonders if it might be the tacky look*. I believe the font I used is called TypeSet or something similiar. If you see it close up it actually looks like the old fashion typewriter keys. Click the picture so you can see it better...I'll wait right here....*okie sits with elbow on desk and chin resting in the palm of one hand, looks at her finger nails on the other hand and thinks she could really use a manicure*. Oh okay your what do ya think? It looks like the old typewriter keys doesn't it? SEE! I TOLD YOU!

I did the inside with the same font. I crumpled the paper after I got it printed and trimmed for the inside of the card. I was going to use some Distress ink but then decided the two colors I had wouldn't work so just left it plain with no ink.

I love this sentiment on the front and inside of the card. I would send this to my friend Linda, aka LGuild for her next birthday but I think I will change the sentiment to "you're not vintage" and on the inside "your azz is just old!". So what do ya'll think? I think she would love that! *okie smiles sweetly and innocently as a 2 year old asking for a lollipop*.

I'll have another vintage looking card tomorrow!


  1. I love your cards!!! I follow your blog because you crack me up. The creative projects are just a bonus!!!

  2. You make me Laugh Okie...every morning I get up I must come here and read your blog... it's like an addiction now! :o) You are super funny and your cards are just wonderful.... Thanks for all you do! Have a Great Day! :o)

  3. I just know you laugh, a lot! I love coming to your site because I appreciate your Oklahoma humor, because after all, it's just North Texas (says a gal that is a Texan living in Italy... with a snicker).

    Thanks for all you do. Your blog is a very important one. I like coming here and watching what you try. I've NEVER felt like you are a sell-out. I feel like you do what you do because you enjoy it. At least that is how I thinking of you as I am laughing through your crazy posts!

  4. I've told you and told you, I'M OLD! It ain't just my AZZ!

    Now quit picking on the old lady! LOL!

    By the time you get as old as me I'll probably be in no shape to pick on YOU! LOL!

  5. Beautiful cards Okie! I love the colors. I am working on a couple that are kind of similar in colors and paper; I'll have to show you when I figure out how to finish them. If they're half as good as yours, they'll be great.

  6. You are the Card Queen. You and LGuild can cage fight over the title but I deem you the Queen. LoL. You can knockout some cards like no ones business. :)

  7. I like that you used tags that were sent to you. Nice tags...I like the different windows. Your cards turned out great.

  8. Beautiful!
    But you do crack me up with the sentiments.

  9. Great cards Okie ... I really like the vintage look of the tags. And, WOW, that bg papers is a fabulous match too! Yep, the lettering does look a lot like the old manual type of typewriter keys. (and here I thought I was the only one old enough to even remember those!) *wink*


  10. These are very pretty! And the sentiment looks great torn - not tacky at all.

  11. So you asked "So what do ya'll think?" I think poor Linda! But serious, loving the cards, and it's a makin's of a line of cute, cute cards! Thanks for the laugh of the morning!
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  12. Okie -- always have so much fun reading your blog. "Makins", yes that is a word up here in Ohio, I've heard it, but I think those from KENTUCKY use it!! ROFLMAO!!!


  13. Great job again Okie! Yes it does look like typewriter keys. Thanks for the laughs, Mary