Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Treats Thursday - St. Patricks Day!

Happy Sweet Treats Thursday my dear bloggies *okie wonders if bloggies is the right term...thinks about it for a minute...shrugs shoulders and decides she likes the word bloggies*. Our assignment for this inspiration Thursday on the Cuttlebug Challenge is St. Patricks Day. Now don't forget to hop on over to the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog and enter to win the Easter seasonal cartridge!! Also while you are there check out the great projects my fellow design team members have created to give you inspiration!

My projects are an etched mug and a lapel pin. The mug is hard to take a picture of so I am posting several so you can get the idea.

Supplies used for these projects:
Glass mug
Armour Etching Cream
Ribbon - printed and swiss dot
Mica Stardream cardstock
Patterned cardstock
Solid cardstock
Iron on studs
White Signo UM-153 gel pen
Black Stampin Up marker
Stickles - Gold and Diamond

Don't forget you can click the pictures to see better details if you wish!

I purchased the mug from Walmart for $2 and will be given to my BFF Karen *okie thinks regular readers will recognize the name* who in fact is Irish! I know she will be excited to travel the country carrying this mug to drink margaritas! *okie cracks up laughin* I cut the design on vinyl. I removed the design off of the backing and then applied transfer tape on what would be the negative of the image and then applied to the mug. I used the Amour Etching Cream which is simple to use but does smell a little bad LOL. The ribbon is some I got at Walmart in the craft section and is simply tied on so she can take it off for washing purposes.

The lapel pin was made using Mini Monograms and Paper Doll Dress Up. I used stamps for the U Lucky and rainbow. The gold coins are iron on studs purchased at Walmart and I used my Hot Marks tool with the mini-flow point to apply them. I used a white Signo UM-153 gel pen and a black Stampin Up marker for the doodling. I cut the pot in gold and then I cut two of the pots in black. I cut off the gold coin area on the bottom black layer and then cut the top off the pot of the second cut and ran the bottom through the cuttlebug and pop dotted to the full black layer. For the back I used a pin from a name badge that I had. I just used super glue to adhere it to the back of the pin.


  1. I love it! maybe because I'm Irish too..hmmm =) Your friend Karen is gonna love it..and margaritas will be yummy in it!!

  2. Okie, that is a great gift for Karen!Both the pin and glass are just too cute!

  3. super cute, love the gold!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for the very cute ideas.
    Linda in Stanwood

  5. You are soo great. Love all your things.

    I left something on my blog for you.

  6. Love the mug - she should take it pub crawling! The pin might get her a few free rounds

  7. These are great! Sure Karen will just love that mug!! :)

  8. I love it! Especially since my Birthday is on St. Patty's Day!

  9. Great gift set...your friend is going to love it!!! TFS

  10. beautiful thanks for sharing with us. my bday is also friday march 5. i will not say how old i am, lol.


  11. What a wonderfull gift for your BFF :) She will love it!

  12. Thank you for sharing your files and your talents!

  13. Just passing by to tell you that you have a beautiful blog and you are appreciated. I give you a "beautiful blog award." You can stop by my blog to pick up the award graphic to post on your page.

  14. I was looking at some of your things yesterday.....wonderful job, and saw your St Patty's pin. I hope you don't mind if I kinda lifted it.....I needed a RAK for one of my co-workers, and I know it will put a smile on her face....