Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the love of BLING! Sweet Treats Bday card

When will the addictions stop? SERIOUSLY?? But they are much more legal, safe and healthy than drugs...right?? *okie nods head up and down so people will agree with her*. So my friend Carol, ya know the Carol with two hearts and the red cowboy hat from the Cricut MB and also one of my fellow Sweet Treats Thursday designers, sent me some bling. I know what you are thinking "Oh okie we know good and well you had enough bling already". And you may be right, but seriously, there is no such thing as having too much bling! *okie stands with one hand on hip and shaking finger at her bloggies to get her point across*. But what Carol with two hearts sent wasn't just any ol bling.....NNOOO.......she sent the GOOD CHIT! I mean the super shiny, multi-faceted, sparkle in your eye kinda bling! And it has to have a special tool to be used! *now okie knows her bloggies are impressed*. Okay not that special of a tool....but still a tool! This is the kind that uses the Hot Fix tool, or like me you can use a Creative Hot Marks tool with the mini flow tip.

I told Carol I wasn't going to use this bling on just anything, it was going to be saved for scrapbook pages. Well I haven't done any scrapbook pages so I gave in and used it on some cards. The patterned paper is from the DCWCV Spring stack from two years ago I believe. The green card base and background stamp of presents are Stampin Up products. The solid on the present is Stardream Mica. The round embellie is from an Imaginisce stack.

The present is cut from Sweet Treats *which okie highly recommends and totally loves...and sends smooches to her friend Razzi for sending her the cart*.

I had the card all done and then thought about the bling that Carol with two hearts sent and thought maybe it would be good for the middle of the polka dots....I think it just made the card so much more...well just MORE!

I wish the pictures could do this justice! But I am not a professional photographer, nor do I play one on tv, so this will just have to do! I wanted to show a close up shot hoping the shine would show better. I think you can see the clarity in this picture.

Remember you can click the pictures to see up close.


  1. okie--super cute card--love the layerd patterned paper

  2. Oh, now look who's showing off, Okie! Great blingy goodness!

  3. You are so right--You can never (never!) have enough bling!!

    Love the card!

  4. Wooo Hooo ... check out that bling ... with a capital 'B'!!! Isn't it amazing what a couple of lil ole swarovski crystals can do! *wink* Now Carol is laughing at Okie, because she knows that whatever Okie makes is going to be spectacular, with or without the BLING! (but still ... I'm a bling kind'a gal, so I LOVE IT!!!!!)


  5. Love the card, the bling is perfect! No need to scold us Okie, we all know you need more presents, so you can show them off and enable us all :)

  6. Very cute girly card I love the purse
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  7. OK, so here I am at work - hard at work reading blogs - and I bust out laughing every time I read yours. Not so good for someone who is hard at work. So, I tell myself that I am going to save your blog entries to read at home to prevent the others from getting jealous - because my work must be so entertaining that I laugh out loud at it. But, I can't do it. I see a new entry alert and have to click over and read it. It really make me laugh out loud and wish I was at home creating. It's just enough of a pick me up to keep me away from the chocolate. So, thanks for such great posts and beautiful ideas, Dallas

  8. Oooh, such a bling-a-rific card! TFS

  9. I just bought the Hot fix tool recently to make a shirt for my DD's B-Day. I used my E to cut out the stencil. I never thought about using it on scrap projects. TFS...very cute!!!

  10. Love the card! The colors are so nice :)