Friday, March 12, 2010

Stamp Club Challenge - Card #4

*In her best game show host voice okie says* And welcome to card number 4 for the Stamp Club Challenge! For today's card we have chosen to go with picturesque type card *okie wonders if she is impressing her bloggies yet with her wonderful game show host voice*. If you are just now tuning in you might want to go through our previous and get up to date on what our lovely host okie has been doing for the last few days.

*okie falls out of her chair laughing* Okay seriously folks here is the info about the card! The only part that is from the papers given for the challenge is the black stripe I used for the road. And before my friend Linda calls me and says "HEY THAT WAS MY IDEA"....let me say this, my friend Linda gave me the idea LOL. When we were given the papers she held up the 12x12 sheet of this one and said "what do you see" and I told her "a road or a elementary blackboard". We both have the Loads of Love stamp set by Stampin Up and immediately knew we would be using it for part of the challenge.

I stamped the truck on white and colored the wheels and lightly colored the windshield and window. I stamped the truck again on some Jupiter Stardream Mica and then cut it out and layered it on top of the white. I used my Stampin Up curly label punch to cut out the sentiment. It kinda reminded me of a highway sign and thought it would look better than just a plain square.

I also borrowed another idea that Linda had shared about making faux suede. I used this technique on a card earlier this week and the post is down below somewhere. I also have a link to where you can see how to do the technique.

The headlight beams are made with a white Signo UM-153 gel pen.

Whew...see I have been busy!!


  1. Gasp! OMG! Gadzooks! I cannot believe that I (Moi) came up with an idea that you got to steal from ME after ME stealing YOUR ideas for the past two years! ROFLMAO!

    The cards turned out great and I'm sure, if there's a prize you'll get it! LOL!

  2. I think that all the contestants (I mean readers) are impressed by the winning ideas.

  3. I have that same stamp set ... and never seem to use it.

    Great card and I'll give it a try.

  4. this would be great get well for a guy!

  5. My husband would love this card ( and truck too!).

    Great Job.

  6. Too cute! I kept thinking (before I read the post)"What Cricut cart is that trunck on?" LOL Adorable! xxD

  7. Love this card... the saying is perfect...