Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virus Warnings....

I have gotten a several messages about people receiving virus warnings so I closed my blog for a few hours. Kendra, over at SCRAPPIN CRICUT, was nice enough to test quite a few of my files and she said they all came out clean *okie thought she remembered scrubbin down those files with Pine-Sol before linking them to her blog*.

I am lucky enough that amkscrap from the Cricut MB shares her SENDSPACE storage with me. It is a pay service, therefore is free from ads and allows me to put my cut files as direct downloads and is less likely to have virus problems. Now with that said I cannot guarantee it would never happen *okie learned long ago to never make a guarantee without talking to a lawyer first*.

So I guess what I am saying is that as far as I know the files are safe.....but use at your own risk. Remember boys and girls to always use protection *okie falls out her chair laughing*.


  1. I have noticed on some of the file download pages if your off just a little bit (too low) from clicking on a link to download you get a popup for virus scanning and and it leads you to believe you have a virus and you should scan with their program. I figured it is some kind of phishing program and it is a pain in the booty since it gives you constant pop ups wanting you to run a virus scan with their software. Now if I get one I just cancel it and don't click to scan. Hope that helps

  2. Okie, some of my readers told me this about my website as well. I believe it is just a blogger glitch and from what I understand it was all better the next morning. Thank goodness!! What a pain!