Monday, June 15, 2009


I am so wanting to get everything back in the craft room but I am having problems with deciding how to put things back in here.

This is how the room was arranged before..well okay with a lot more crap in it! I have shelving to put on the wall directly in front of where the chair is sitting. I need more shelving though!

Sorry this picture is a little dark. I am going to put my stamp binders in the bottom left hand cabinet shelf thing. If ya look under the table under the window you can see a cabinet, it holds fold down boxes and wrapping paper. I call it my gift wrapping cabinet. *okie is so freaking original that she just impresses herself sometimes*

Okay I am showing this one just because I want to show off the flooring! HA HA HA Before I had carpet in the craft room, one kinda lino in the laundry area and another in the kitchen and dining room. It looks so much better with having all one kinda going all the way through! You can see Lucy in her bed. She is tired from helping me move stuff...well more like tired of me asking her opinion!

These pictures are how I have the room right now. The 8 foot table that was against the wall *okie forgets folks don't know which one is the 8 ft table* okay the one that has the fake wood tore off it, is now out at my curb waiting for someone to have mercy on it and take it away.

I am thinking of building paper storage that would fit under the windows. I kinda like this arrangement because there seems to be more room. Well at least until I get everything in here! I need to find pilaster strips and clips in order to build the paper storage I have pictured in my head *pictures in okie's head can be really scary sometimes*.

Here you can see there is a lot more open space than I had before. The recliner still needs to be brought in here also. That is one thing I refuse to give up in here. It is so nice to have it so people have a nice comfortable place to sit while I am crafting....and I have a place to take a nap! *okie totally loves naps*

Okay ya'll let me know what ya think about the arrangements. Oh and doesn't that flooring just rock!!


  1. I like the tables in the "u" shape. I am a stamper that loves everything right at my finger tips and don't want to have to go get up and hunt. I have a little room so I am looking for a "skinny" table for the third side.

  2. o my Okie I would love to have a craftroom like you have hihi, I have al my stuff in the living room. so imagine the mess I always make while crafting, it is still on my computer desk, need to clean it, I am attending an online workshop so I need some space.

    Good luck with you new and improved craftroom. I do love it.

    Hug linda

  3. Your space looks great, you will love wheeling across the floor to get stuff and easy clean up. Can't wait to see it finished. Missing ya at the card challenge.

  4. The floor looks great! The way your room is setup is about how mine looks. I just have a wall of paper storage. I like.

  5. OH MY! totally loving that floor! yeah, i have carpet myself and i keep tipping the chair every time i roll around. Although i do like the u-shape version better i can totally see why it's not like that anymore. seems a bit more functional. congrats on your "new" room!!!

  6. O MY gosh I Love it!! U make me want to rearange again. I swear I think we got the same FLOOR!!!:O)

  7. Okie, I am so envying you. I wish I had a big room for crafting. I craft on the dining room table. Your new floor looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy, Chris

  8. Oh Okie, I think your room looks fantastic. I love it and love the idea to have so much leg room to be able to move around without knocking something over. Soooo, now that your room is so much bigger you are ready to host a crop for all of your followers....right? LOL!! Can't wait to see what your first creation in your new room is going to be. Hugs, Leslie

  9. I am so happy you finally have your floor Okie....

    I have been following the saga of your 'new' room over the past weeks, and you so crack me up....

    You are an absolute tonic, I love that you write your thoughts, I love you to bits and I don't even know you....

    Good luck in your new room, you really deserve it, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, can't wait to see your newly inspired creations xx

  10. There is an award for you on my blog:

    LEM Photpgraphy


  11. hi, lovely new look. You have a great space there. Bet you are just itching to fill up those shelves with all your crafting goodies

  12. Okie-Your new floor is AWESOME!!!! I love all the work space you have in your craft room. I am hoping to have a bigger space some day... Congrats on the improved space and I can't WAIT to see the finished room.


  13. Awesome flooring! I have carpet in my craft room, which holds in my cat's fur. So everyone gets a little bit of Arney with their cards! I need the carpet for some cushion though, since i refuse to sit in a chair while I'm crafting.

    I'd give an opinon of your furniture placement, but my conflicting personalities won't let me. See, I used to be an interior designer, so I see the posibitities of a show room, but the crafter in me sees the functionality of it.
    I say do what works for you :)

  14. your floors look great and i am so glad for you that they are finally done! and, i absolutely LOVE the color on your walls. please, please, please tell me what that color is called! i have been looking around for awhile but couldn't find anything just right, but i think you found it for me!

  15. The color is Caramelized by Kilz. I love it!! I know most stores can now match any color of any brand for ya.