Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is why I can't use my pool!

So everyday when I am working the sky is clear and the weather is sunny and hot. But sometime during the afternoon it gets cloudy...and well.....stuff like this happens!!

This view is from my front porch.

This is a view from my patio during the storm.

Oh, as for my craft room floor, I was informed today that the flooring guy will be here Sunday morning. I think I should get a free months rent for the inconvenience...HA HA HA


  1. Sorry you're having crappy weather and no room to scrap.... in another month we probably won't see you.. you'll be crafting making up for lost time! This too shall pass! :)

  2. Wonder if you will even remember how to ink up a stamp or load paper into your bugs!!! :D hey send the rain my way...we NEED rain in Ca.
    **sure will be happy to see you posting the card challenges again Okie** HINT HINT

  3. Hope the weather will get better soon :( Check out my blog for your blog award :)

  4. OK I am having the same problem with my pool and now so much rain my algae is taking over. Hmmm must go play with my E.....

  5. OH sorry for your crappy weather..we get it in the evening in GA. I have to add I read your post about your patio & pool. So in psuedo Okie fashion "Lisa looked at her pool and thought of how Okie has such a nice back yard and cool area for hot days, so laughing to herself, she climbed in and cleaned the d*mn thing..Lisa spent the rest of the afternoon floating away" Definately not eloquent as you..but I tried..LOL! Hoping for many more sunny days, and your craft room done soon!!!! Thanks for all your inspiration and laughs!

  6. Okie - I can soooo relate. The weather is great while I'm at work and then the weekend is nothing but clouds and storms and DH and I can't go out on the JetSki. We've had enough of this rain in S. Fla.

    Caroline (AKA Doxieluv01 on Cricut MB)

  7. Hi Okie!

    I'm sorry you can't use your pool!
    But I have to say that that rain looks inviting!! I love a good rain storm! LOL Sorry!
    But, have no'll get your hot weather and be able to enjoy that pool soon! :)

    I just want to mention that I love reading your posts and Thank you for all the laughs! Girl you crack me up!
    Have a GREAT DAY! :o)
    Brenda ~

  8. You have a blog award waiting for you on my page.

  9. HOLY HANNAH OKIE..I can't believe you were out there filming that with the lightening the way it was..Did your hair stand on end? Some of those were CLOSE to close for my comfort..BUT I am sorry about the rain..It's been the same way here in Idaho for 3 wekks straight now..UGH! ~Dragoneyes~ from the cricut MB