Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow in March??

Could it be true? Will it actually snow here tomorrow?? I will have to see it to believe it.

It rarely snows here in my town *think South Town in the Year Without A Santa Claus*. It can snow north, south, east and west of my little town and we will get 3 or 4 flakes. It isn't fair I tell ya! Ice we can get pretty regular, just not snow! I remember it snowing when I was a kid. We use to go sledding down the hill of the front yard. Man was that fun! Well until one time my brother almost slide under the dairy truck and daddy threatened to burn the sleds....*sad face*.

We haven't had a GOOD snow in a few years. I keep seeing wonderful scrapbook snow themed stuff and think "Wouldn't that be wonderful to do" but I never get to buy the stuff because it just won't snow enough. Oh sure the other day we got a dustin' of snow. But with the temperature getting up to 55 degrees the next day it was gone before noon.

Well I have my soup ingredients ready. I have my cricut ready (but it is always ready). I have all my warm jammies clean and folded, just waiting to be used all weekend! I think I am ready.....

Oh better hit the scrapbook store in the morning to pick up the last sheets of paper I need for the recipe LO's and maybe I can get those finished!!!

Now if it will only snow enough for school to be canceled on Friday!!


  1. I want some snow too so I can make some of those cute snow and flakey layouts. I don't think we'll get any, can I come to your house? I'll bring paper!!!

  2. Come on girl!! If the snow ever gets here! I think they lied to me! *scowling face*