Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cupcake box with George and little bug

Well there was so much talk about a darling cupcake box on the Cricut MB and I never got to see the original. I have seen some that others have made and they are just too cute. They would be great for children's parties! DD is 16 and beyond that stage *where was Cricut when she was in elementary school*. From my understanding the box needed the big bug. So where was the option for all us baby bug owners??

I thought about THE CUPCAKE BOX last night and thought "I bet I can make one with George and the baby bug".
*Oh how I love George*. So last night and this morning I worked on one. A few of the ladies on the MB were willing to test it for me as I had paperwork to get done today. Laurie took a picture of the one she made. I LOVE THE PAPERS SHE USED!! I think I have the final adjustments made for it to work right. You will need to score the folding lines. The folding lines are pretty easy to figure out since they just go from a corner to the parallel corner. Since it was on the baby bug there are a total of 4 mats. And there is probably a little bit more assembly required than that of the big bug version.

There are 2 mats for the sides. The sides have tabs so you can put them together. Once you score and fold the tab just bring in the other end to inside of the tab and press for your fold.

The next mat will be the bottom and top. The bottom has tabs on each side to be glued to the inside of the sides of the box *okie did you just understand what you typed?* Score from the corners and fold.

I didn't make a cutout for the top, I figured you might want to choose your own. Very simple to do. Just find a cutout you like and put it in the middle of the lid, DO NOT CLICK WELD. The lid is the one on the right hand side of the 3rd mat. Just repeat the scoring and folding. The little tabs are made to go to the inside.

I also have made an insert to keep your cupcake from sliding around. The measurements to go in the box should be right, I don't know about the hole in the middle because I don't know the size of a cupcake *when is the last time I made cupcakes?* but can easily be changed to suit your own tastes! Anyway just score and fold, no need for glue on this since it sits inside the box.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy the little bug cupcake box!!


  1. THANKS okieLady! I've been wanting to try to create a box for the baby bug too but have been up to my eyeballs with other projects. I'll give this a whirl when I have a few minutes to cut somethings and let you know how it turned out. Thanks again! You're a gem!

  2. Okielady, thank you for the cut.file. I made a couple for my co-workers in school to thank them for the year. I posted a picture on my blog and i will post them om the cricut messageboard.

    Thanks so much for you inspiration!

  3. can you please change this to a gypsy file i would love to make it but i dont have ds you can email it to me my e-mail is