Sunday, March 30, 2008


Who doesn't love cheesecake?? Well I do and think something is wrong with ya if ya don't love cheesecake! Oh yes the reason for this post. Well today I was cruisin the MB and decided to check out the DS forum. Someone asked if a 6 inch cheesecake box could be made. I figured it could, but I don't have the Expressions machine necessary to cut it. LacyGilbertson was kind enough to volunteer to cut the box for me. Another member, KarenS said she had some in the freezer and could measure the box and give me the dimensions. Of course Lacy and I can't figure out why cheesecake would be in the freezer because we would have eaten it before it would have needed to be frozen!! HA HA HA *hopes Lacy doesn't kill Okie for tellin*.

Not knowing who had what carts I made one CHEESECAKE BOX WITH GEORGE and another CHEESECAKE BOX WITH PLANTIN SCHOOLBOOK. I have circles in the lids but as always feel free to put what you want in there! As you can see from the pics *Lacy was sweet enough to take pics to share* there is some bottom showing that way you can see the pretty paper there also. You can probably add some scallop to the lid edge if you wanted to. Just decorate it up ladies and enjoy! *SMILE*


  1. Okie

    These are wonderful - You are the best! I am with you - cheesecake rocks!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have made a 'cake' and this box will be perfect, although I may add some scallops.

  3. Ok, where do i sign up for the Okie fan club?? I just cut this and it is EXCELLENT!! I used a scalloped shape from AE cart in place of the circle, and it looks so GREAT, (if i do say so myself)!! As soon as i'm done, of course i'll take pics to show you. I'm using it as a gift box, for two mat stacks, they fit in very nicely. Thanks so much for all your work, and all your sharing, you are FANTASTIC!

  4. Hi, Okie. For some reason when I click on the cheesecake box for George and Plantain, it goes through the motions but does not give a screen to save. May I impose upon you to e-mail them, pleeeez? Thank you so much for sharing your work.

  5. Okie, never mind. It would help if I read the instructions. Thanks. I got it to work. :)