Thursday, March 20, 2008


Rain drops keep fallin on my head...

Actually today is nice and sunny. However we were in a flash flood watch two days ago. But enough of the weather report for Oklahoma..

A MB member was needing raindrops for her child's teachers classroom. She needed some to put pictures in. I made some regular raindrops and then also made some that can be used as frames.

The regular RAINDROPS range in size as you can see from the picture. I might even use these on a LO! I think they would be cute as a border or just all over the LO base. Also I would probably shade them to add some dimension. After saving the screenshot I haven't been able to get Prince's song Purple Rain out of my head!! I so had that tape when I was in high school and listened to it so much! Man was that a long time ago or what?? *shuddup now okie ya are tellin your age*

The RAINDROP FRAME can hold a picture about 3 x 2 1/2 inches. Great for those school wallet sizes *at least I think....can't remember of hand*. There are two to a 6x12 sheet. In the screen shot you will notice the purple oval, that will cut out leaving the hole for the pic to be placed behind. That is a good idea for classroom bulletin boards! The area for the picture can be edited easily if needed.


  1. another awesome design okie! ;)

  2. Just visiting again...saw the ad clicking request on your siggy and thought I would come and click if it would help you fund your scrapping addiction...LOL.. :)

    Love your blog and all the files you're posting! Just downloaded the trial DS...I may have some questions!!!

  3. I don't have CDS, Okie, but, I have checked out your blog before! I love what you do with the software. I think it is especially great how you are always willing to share your creations or help someone out when they need a design! I also really love your sense of humor!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I keep thinking I can pass on the Cricut software, but I don't know how much longer I can hold off, lol. I keep seeing these great files that can be cut and it really makes me want it more and more. YOu have some great designs.

  5. Okie I love all of your files. Thanks for everything you do for everyone.

  6. Oooookie! I keep visiting and you keep getting the raindrops song in my head!!!

    If you didn't see it before, I am bowing down to your CDS prowess. I'm only just starting out and I almost pulled half my hair out!

    I'm gonna click on your ad since I'm on my work it should show as a different ip address...LOL...let me know if it's making any difference!

  7. I so wanted rain drops for a wedding shower layout I was doing and couldn't find any. After searching forever, I found them here on your blog. Thank you so very, very much.