Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Red Santa Bags - I'm In Love!!!

So my friend Carmen sent me a package last week and I was so excited when I saw it was some red Santa bags! I loved the velvety feel of them but I wasn't sure how well they would hold HTV since it isn't a smooth surface but since a lot of folks have gone crazy over adding HTV to some little cheap elves I figured I would give it a shot and oh boy how glad I did! These bags are HUGE...they measure 27" wide x 36" tall so they will hold a lot of gifts from the fat man himself!

On the first red bag I did I just used the same design that I had used on the canvas bags I did. I had to change some of the colors out since I thought the white would show better on the red than the black. I also had to change the red berries to white berries. Where I had a red stamped circle I changed it to green and the black stamped image was changed to white. I was really pleased on how well it turned out.

Carmen had found an image and emailed it to me and I tweaked it a bit for what I needed and came up with this design. It seemed to waste quite a bit of  HTV but I think I have worked with it enough now and broke it apart to where I can get the cuts using the least amount of HTV *okie so hates wasting HTV* and making it a little more cost effective. That is one thing I love about Make The Cut, the ability to tear apart a whole image and use what you need, add what you want and then put it all back together how you think it works best for you. 

The little star looking designs are some Spectrum holographic HTV that I got a couple of years ago and I think it added a nice little touch but I am going to do a little tweaking with it as well. It really shines in person, so much more than what shows in the picture. 

Hopefully I can get some of these sold or I am going to have a closet full of stuff I can't use for myself! 


  1. OMG these are so cute and you are awesome with your designs! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  2. Oh Miss Okie Bug...I wanna be like you when I grow up! I am just too scared to try HTV but oh how I love looking at your stuff....you are a treasure! These bags are awesome...some lucky person is gonna be very happy. And hopefully they are bag worthy of your work!

  3. These bags are awesome Shirley! I love how they turned out and I can't imagine them not selling for you. I a going to say good luck, but I don't think you will need it! Hugs, Brenda