Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just A Little Reminder

I have gotten some questions and requests lately concerning my file downloads and all of those were concerning using the Cricut. I no longer use the Cricut and I don't know how to use any other program that ProvoCraft put out other than Design Studio, but even that hasn't been used in almost 2 years now.

I no longer support any files that were designed for the Cricut and that used Design Studio. Do not ask for me to convert those files to SVG or MTC format, it isn't as easy as converting since the file has to be completely redesigned.

The files I make now are for Make The Cut, which can use a variety of cutters and sometimes I will covert those designs to SVG when I feel like it.

Off my soap box now.


  1. I'm so thankful when you make your svg files! I got a cameo from Santa and I'm hoping to use some off your wonderful ideas. You rock Ladybug!

  2. I have been reading your postings for quite a while now and love your vacation, work, and family shares with your fans. I have a question that hopefully you can answer. You have written over and over about Make The Cut program and I wish I had jumped on the band wagon when it first came out, but alas, I didn't. Do you know any way to buy a MTC program? It may be too late, but was just wondering. Thank you for sharing your life with us and I look forward to reading more adventures and crafting tips for a long time to come. Margaret from Texas

    1. Email me with the questions you have. okieladybug at swbell dot net

  3. YAY FOR YOU!!!! anyone that still buys prova craft products needs to ask that company to do its own work!!! you know me I only comment important things and PC does not deserve your talent and hard work.. ok!! I'll calm down