Monday, April 15, 2013

More Cards Made

But don't have the pictures ready to post! HA HA I am so mean! One of the cards will have a file available for download to use with Make The Cut. I used some of the Graphic 45 papers I got while in Orlando, and all three are birthday cards.

One card I made is using the Steampunk Debutante collection. I was only able to acquire 3 different sheets of this collection, but ya know that means I actually get 6 designs so it works out okay.

I actually got one of the sheets at a Tuesday Morning here in Oklahoma and then found two others in Orlando. I split my  paper with my friend Linda and this time I also have some set aside for my friend Carmen.

When I found the Proper Gentleman collection papers Linda was rather excited. We also find it difficult to find masculine papers for cards without paying an arm and a leg. I think I ended up with 4 different papers in this collection. I wish I had found more designs since this is a fabulous collection *okie wonders who she is kidding when everyone knows that all the g45 collections are fabulous*.

This one will have the file available for download.

The Le Cirque is a fun collection and sometimes fun means challenging when trying to make an A2 size card! I was able to finally figure out how to use up some of the "poster" images from one of the designs and more will be explained in the post of the card. There are some sheets in this one I am still trying to figure out what I can come up with but the good thing is that even if the front is a big print the back usually has a smaller pattern for backgrounds and accents.

I could give you along excuse about why I don't have one of the cards to post for today but I will just be honest and tell you in three words.


I am totally addicted to this show and since it was on last night I didn't get the pictures edited. Hopefully I will get them edited tonight and get the posts scheduled for this week. I still have to use my 1 sheet of Brides to Babies, Christmas Emporium, Curtain Call and Wizard of Oz collections for projects so I can at least say I have used each collection!


  1. I just downloaded a few of your svg file. Thank you so much for sharing!!! This paper is gorgeous - I'm sure your projects will be fabulous!!

  2. Post pictures! You know I have to see something done to ever use my paper! LOL!

  3. Shirley I love the Steampunk collection although when I use "steampunk stuff" people typically look at me like "what's this?" lol Oh well I like it. Can't wait to see the creations you've made out of these neet-o papers.

    Kathy Wyatt

  4. Game of Thrones is my fav show right now, just love all the drama, intrigue...can you believe the end of the last show...Jamie getting his hand chopped off...unbelievable!

  5. the proper gentleman is one of my favs. i won a contest using these papers.

  6. I just wanted to say how much i love your posts! they always give me a smile, especially on days when smiles are hard to come by!! (i work with special needs kids, and some days are just so tough!) I just love G45 paper!! I think that i need to check our local tuesday morning stores!! I also should pull out my "stash" because I am sure to find some G45 in there too!!


  7. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, especially on days when smiles may be hard to come by (i work with special needs kids and some days can be sooo tough) I also just LOVE G45 paper and I am thinking that I need to visit our local Tuesday Morning store!! Or go through my "stash" as I think there is some in there as well!! happy paper crafting my friend!!