Thursday, April 25, 2013

Match Box Project - Graphic45 French Country

Linda and I had a blast on Saturday during our day out. We hit Tuesday Morning and didn't find a thing. We picked up some photo box storage things I use for buttons and small flowers at Joann's. At Hobby Lobby I found another photo box thing and some bins I am going to recover for my beach bathroom. Neither of us found a thing at Micheal's we wanted. It's getting to that point for the both of us anymore, there just isn't much we feel like we need or have to have and we are trying to use up some of the stuff we have which shouldn't take more than ohhh let's say about 20 years!

The purpose of our trip was to go to And Bear Makes 3 for the class on the matchbox using the Graphic45 French Country collection. We arrived about 2 minutes before class started, of course it was my fault since I needed to hit a vapor shop and pick up some supplies.

Supplies Used:
Graphic45 Matchbox
Graphic45 French Country
Acrylic paint
Pop Dots
Tim Holtz Distressed Ink
Tim Holtz Flower Die

I was a bit confused as why it was a matchbox until I got there and saw that the drawer slid out and that the bottom of the drawer was decorated as well. In the picture online, which I posted last week, it just looked like a frame with a picture in it, at least to me. I took this one so you could see the dimension of the drawer better than just a straight on picture.  I do love the banner at the top and how the side images over lap the square opening.

The flower we made was cut out using a Tim Holtz die. All the pieces were ready for us so we didn't have to do much other than trim a piece of paper here and there and then cut out the images we wanted to use. I decided to crumple my flower instead of just using it straight.

I really love the sunflower paper we used at the top and bottom of the box and I think I will be looking for some of it *okie suddenly remembers she has some sunflower paper and probably doesn't need a bit of sunflower paper*.

I am generally a practical scrapper. I want my projects to have a purpose for the most part. For the life of me I can't think of one purpose for this box other than for it to look cute on a shelf and gather dust. My daughter fell in love with the picture when I showed her the project we were going to make and asked if she could have it when I got it made. As promised, it will become a part of her collection of things to move to her house when she moves out *okie is beginning to think that will never happen but still holds hope* to a place of her own again.

I am hoping to get another card finished this week but that dang Candy Crush game is giving me fits...okay I might be a teeny bit addicted to it but just a teeny bit, and I can't seem to focus on crafting when I need to send lives, extra moves and tickets to my friends!


  1. This is beautiful. It seems so serene.

  2. I love this project. Love the paper too. You could make a mini album or recipe book to put in the drawer. Maybe "Mom's favorite recipes for Shiane to make". Candy Crush can be a pain sometimes!

  3. Glad you mentioned the photo boxes. I don't think mine's going to work well for my flowers. Have too many for a single box. So, if you need another one, you can get mine. I'll leave my flowers in the original blue box.

    My matchbox is laying in the floor in the kitchen! It fell off the table Saturday night as I was putting things away and that's as far as it got. Need to figure out who I'll give mine to!

  4. Really beautiful, Okie. You did a gorgeous job!

  5. just beautiful. glad you have quit smoking. wish i could get my hubby to try the vapor but he loves his marlboro.

  6. beautiful. so glad you quit smoking. wish i could get my hubby to try the vapor but he loves his marlboro.

  7. Gorgeous, and concrats on getting Make the cut. It is an awesome program.