Friday, July 6, 2012

Kindle Fire - Stampin Up!!

I think everyone knows how much I love my Kindle Fire. I have my Cricut Cartridge Handbooks downloaded on it and love that I can do that. If you missed it I did a video on how do this - Downloading Handbooks to Kindle Fire.

I found another reason to love my Fire! I downloaded the new Stampin Up catalog to my Fire and it saves in PDF form and it is easy to flip through. This is a picture of how the page looks like on the Fire.

Although I still want a hard copy of the catalog this will work for me for other reasons. Last night I was going through the catalog and tapped on the screen and a menu thing came up and I noticed I could highlight text. For years I have went through my catalog when I would get it and highlight what I had and then underline things I thought I might want to order. This always made it easier when I was going to a Stampin Up party or going to make an order.

Here is a picture of what the menu bar looks like when you want to highlight. There are some other options in the menu bar but I just wanted to highlight the items I have and ones I want. I did notice that there was an option come up where you could make a note on the item as well.

You can also change the color if you like. If you own a Fire and it is like mine you know it can be a little testy at times so you can understand when I say I had to tap "A LOT" in order to get through the catalog and get the items highlighted. I would say this process is not for those with very little patience *which okie is guilty of herself but her determination outweighs her lack of patience most of the time* and it will take some time to get use to where to tap and even then it will sometimes freeze up and you might have to close the application. The good thing is that once you have something highlighted it stays that way even after you close it.

I did find it was easier to make the page bigger in order to highlight. If you highlight the wrong thing you can hold your finger down on the area that is wrong and another little menu will pop up and you can select "clear" and it will remove it.

I think this will come in handy for when I go to Stampin Up parties and I can take my Fire instead of carrying the catalog. Since the catalog is saved to my Fire I don't need the wireless connection to access it.


  1. how much space do these kindles have? you have ALL YOUR HANDBOOKS on there? don't that use up alot of space?
    i don't have a kindle...(yet), but like having all that info in one spot.

  2. Kat the Fire does have limited space but the good thing is that the books you download from Amazon can be moved to your "cloud" which is an online storage, and can be downloaded again later without repurchasing. I wish it did have an SD card to store stuff on. If you are worried about space you might look into a NOOK because I believe they have the same options but it has removable storage as well.

  3. My kindle fire will hold over 5G of space...which is a lot! I have lots of books and all my current SU catalogs on my kindle fire and I still have over 5G of space left! Oh and I have lots of games too. I {heart} my kindle fire!

  4. I have all mine on my iPad and love it too, so easy to take everywhere!

  5. Oh WOW Okie.. I didn't know that about the Stampin' Up Catalog.... I do have a copy of the catalog but would love it on the kindle too... Thanks for sharing this info... I'm also happy to be back in the blogging world! I've been missing you & your posts due to me moving my store to a new location.... had lots of work ahead of me and now I'm finally done and I've reopened so I can come back to checking what you've been up too! I'm just glad to be back! :o) Theresa

  6. Glad you got all settled Theresa. Been wondering where you have been!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing!! I love my kindle now I can do this too!!! Sweeeet!!