Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Know Me?

Have you ever had someone come up to you and just start talking to you and you just smile all friendly like, while the thought is going through your head "Do you know me?" I have that happen to me quite frequently but I chalk it up to being Native American and well let's face it, with having brown skin, brownish blackish hair, brown eyes, and having the same wonderful round belly build of most Native American women I probably do look like a lot of other women...especially in Oklahoma!

But the question today isn't about my physical appearance but that of who I am. I have gotten some wonderful comments on my blog the last few days and one really hit me when she said she considers me a friend even though we may never meet in person. It got me to thinking "do my readers really know me?" and I have to say...yes, you probably do. Over the years I have been blessed with meeting many people that I have met on the Cricut messageboard, Facebook and through my blog. All most every one of those people have said "OMG! You are just how you seem on your blog" or Facebook, or messageboard, whatever the case may be. Evidently I type a lot like I talk, or type a lot like I think for folks to think I am the same in person as I am coming through their computer screen. I am not sure if that is good, or if that is bad. I will let you be the judge on that one! *okie grabs her gavel to bonk anyone on the head who has a bad judgement*.

I am not feeling quite at the point of despair that I was a few days ago. I think the prayer warriors must be working overtime, and let's face it, we can always use some prayers!

I also got a nice surprise yesterday. Not long after I got home there was a knock at the door and I didn't want to answer it but Lucy wouldn't stop barking so I thought I better go see. As I got to the door there was a lady walking to her car and she had a vase of flowers. She turned around and asked "are you Shirley Thompson?" and I told her "yes" and she handed me the most gorgeous yellow flowers and said "these are for you". I took the flowers and told her thank you. The note wasn't signed but simply said "Unless life hands you sugar and water, your lemonade is gonna suck! Hang in there". I had to laugh and think to my self "self...whoever sent these definitely has the same sense of humor as you do".

I guess there are plenty of folks in this world that I will likely never meet that feel they know me and to tell ya the truth, if I met them in person they would probably feel like they did know me. Most people I have met from the crafting world have been much like they have been on my computer monitor. Of course there are a few that were a bit different but all in all I would say YEP! WE KNOW EACH OTHER! *okie smiles and heads out the door to work*.


  1. What another lovely post Shirley, you can smile and everyone will smile with you. Have a great day:-)

  2. It is truly a good thing to see that you are feeling somewhat better!!! When I read your post the other day I thought to myself "Self, you are not the only one in this world who has tough times - if Okie can make it, so can you!" So thanks for being the encouragement in my life this week!

    Love 'ya,

  3. Oh what a wonderful thing to happen - and to have done. So pleased you are feeling better.

  4. Oh Okie,
    If only you really knew how much you brighten our day. Thank you for letting us in and allowing us to feel as if we know you. You manage to put into words how we all feel. I pray everyday that God grants me the serenity to handle what He sends me and I know He will also grant you that same serenity. God bless you.

    Your crafty friend,
    Amber P.

  5. How sweet! So glad you seem to be a little better lately :)

  6. Yes... I feel like I know you even though we probably may never meet! And I'm glad I do know ya... cuz your funny, smart and just like the rest of us who have good days & bad ones... I'm happy someone was able to brighten your day just a little bit by sending you those flowers.... Keep writing & crafting cuz it's what brightens up my day and I'll keep reading & commenting cuz that's what you do for friends! :O)

  7. Yes my friend--what I truely enjoy about your blog is your humor and insights---the fact that you are a gifted designer is just icing on the cake! I was blessed with the gift of my Father's sense of humor. Often, I was the only one who would catch on to his "funnies". And that was OK--it made me feel especially close to him, and "special"! (I am told that I am special still--although I'm pretty sure it is not always meant as a compliment!) I often feel that same way when I read your posts---I just feel like " I get" you. Your "Naughty" cards have me laughing still! One foot in front of the other--one day at a time--and the sun will come out tomorrow! (I'd keep going, but it's late & I'm tired!) Keep posting, & I'll keep reading!

  8. What a wonderful story ... to have someone comment that you are just as you seemed you would be is definitely a GOOD thing. It shows how honest and real you are.

    Do I think I know you? But of course! After all, aren't you my Sister from another Mister? I joke of course. (*wink*) You always portray a friendliness that feels so real, your readers can almost reach out and touch it. And best of all, you add smile on days when it is really needed to a lot of us.

    The flowers were not only a lovely surprise, they are a very special gift ... it just goes to show how many lives you touch ... simply by being you. (btw, Whoever sent them is a Sweetie too! That was so thoughtful!)

    Keep Smiling!

  9. Brenda Nichols - WVJuly 25, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    The flowers were a nice surprise. It is even better that you don't know who sent them. I am truly happy that you are feeling better. Continues prayers for you.

    I met you first and then read you blog. Yes, you are you. By the way, do you speak Spanish? LOL

  10. Ahh this is so sweet. Love that you share you. So nice that you got lovely message and flowers to remind you that we are here and sometime is really sucks but sometime what sucks brings some sweet reminders.

  11. we are so different in so many ways, yet, we are so much alike. you probably don't read alot of what 'i' say, but i do read much of what 'you' say. i think you're a brilliant and very sensitive gal in that, you care very much what people think. mabye not so much from those you don't know, but from those you care about, i think.....their thoughts mean everything to you. your childhood was very similar to mine and i see in you, what i see in myself and i admire what your upbringing has made you into. i like you. don't always agree with you, but i like you, i admire you, i respect you and i think....'i know you'. lucky you to get flowers. i wish someone would bring me some.....

  12. I haven't been here long but I have enjoyed what I've read. I will do some more exploring. I don't know what your challenges are but you sound like you approach them with determination and humor.

    My blog is mostly about the challenges I've faced with my husband's health.