Friday, March 16, 2012

I am NOT OCD...

Truly I am not! I know a lot of people think due to my constant organization in my craft room that I am OCD. Believe me I would know if I was OCD, after all the great state of Oklahoma has deemed me qualified to give out such a diagnosis, and I am not clinically OCD. If you could see the rest of my house you would completely agree with the fact that there is no basis for me being deemed OCD.

Just this week my sweet friend Enfys, most of you guys are probably familiar with her from Going Buggy, informed me in one of her emails that she is concerned about me. Well here is part of her message, and I quote "this obsession of yours for organisation is worrying, have you thought about a 12 step programme?" *okie still gets tickled at how her Britty and Aussie friends spell words a little differently*. Now this might not be too concerning that a friend would express worry but considering that Enfys is in the UK, it does make me a little apprehensive that my obsession of crafty organization is now worrying people globally and does have me pondering if there is something wrong with me!

*okie sighs deeply* But as you can see by the picture the hard work as paid off. I now have ALL of my stamps organized. This includes my Stampin Up, Close To My Heart, and various other brands of stamps. The only ones I don't have in stamp cases are my background stamps, although I have given a little thought of unmounting them but can't decide at this time if I want to do so  *okie resists the urge to go over there right now and rip the stamps off the blocks and put them on cling foam and slap them in the 3 empty cases she has left*.

Linda *okie wonders if she ever even needs to explain who Linda is anymore since she is mentioned in posts so frequently* has just about convinced me to catalog my stamps as she has done so I can find my stamps much easier. She did hers last week and she said she loves it. If you would like to see Linda's stamp organization click --> HERE <--. And while Enfys did voice concern for my "obsession" as she so put it, she also has a method for organizaing her stamps. If you would like to see how Enfys organizes her stamps then please click --> HERE <--. Oh and just so you don't have to spend time counting there are a total of 66 labeled stamp cases. Please don't ask how many stamps I have because I am not so obsessed as to count *okie thinks it will be easier to count once she does the cataloging and can write down the number on each sheet in the bottom right hand corner so they can be easily tallied*.

Since I am not OCD but yet there does seem to be some issue that I suffer ailments from I will at this point in my life admit to suffering COA....otherwise, and here forth know as Craftroom Organization Addiction.

*okie stands behind a podium, clears her throat and starts to speak to the crowd*
Hi, my name is Okie. I am powerless over the need of organization in my craft room.
I admit that I cannot control my behaviors, desires, and thoughts of organization as it relates to my craftroom.
I admit I can not overcome this problem on my own
*okie stops for a minute, eyebrows knitting together as she goes into deep thought in how to finish this declaration*
Um...I am sorry folks I think I need to be more honest.  
*okie smiles broadly and finishes her little speech on the podium*
Who the hell am I kiddin folks? I absolutely know what I am doing with all this organization crap. I understand I love to organize. I love being able to go to any section of my craftroom and get what I need. If I suffer from some sort of affliction then I choice to live in denial!! *okie runs from the podium gleefully laughing heading off to color code and label something*


  1. just love love your blog makes
    me laugh keep up the great job


  2. LOL! I need my crafting supplies to be organized too! As long as you don't spend so much time organizing that you don't have any time left to craft!

  3. You always crack me up. I think only a person like me can admire a slightly OCD inspired organizer like you. I love your storage ideas. I also might add...Type A's like me also can admire a tidy workspace. Lee-Ann :)

  4. My craft room is the most organized room in my house. It only makes sense to me to be able to go get something instead of having to search for an hour!

  5. They look great and all the hard work paid off. I have so been wanting to do this with my stamps also but it is hard to take that much time away from crafting LOL. Where do you but those cases from, can you provide a link :)

  6. You can come and organize my craft room any time. Best plan on a long time to get it done.


  7. Craft organization is the sign of a very healthy mind. On the other hand CRS is a problem I suffer from . . . I was diagnosed with (C)an't (R)emember (S)chtuff shortly after turning 50. So once again don't, um what were we talking about?

    Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor!

  8. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!
    I am putting this project on my weekend "need to do" list.
    Thanks for the kick in the but*tocks(as Forrest Gump sez)! :-)

  9. YIKES! Your craft room organization fetish is now a matter of global concern? Really? Now how silly is that?

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Enfys too, she is such a sweetie, but, WHOA! What should be a matter of global concern is my complete lack of organization. I wish I were organized, I want to be organzied, but I am not ... and whether I stand at the Podium or shout it from the roof, I have to admit the simple truth that I am a MESS!

    My lack of organization is a problem, and because I am searching in the dinning room, living room, extra bedroom, craft room, the garage and in every closet in this house just to find everything I need, means that I am taking probably 50 times longer to create even the simpliest thing, compared to you in your amazingly organized scrap haven (by the way, I am jealous, I admit it ... your organization surpasses even my dreams).

    So, if you are OCD, or COD, or COA, or COKA COLA, or even PEPSI (*wink*) it doesn't matter ... you are leaps and bounds above me. I am in awe and totally admire your organizational skills.

    You go GF ... you inspire me ... and maybe one day, somewhere off in far the distant future, you just might inspire me to the point that I actually do something about this crazy MESS!


  10. I love reorganizing my craft room! OCD...uh...COA ROCKS! I have a reference binder of my stamps and just love it. Highly recommend it.

  11. Love, JUST, lOvE your blog,,,now if you were OCD you would have the OCD in order and say I'm CDO, so as a blog friend, "I say to myself, self Okie doesn't really know you, so how can she really be her blog friend, so hope saying blog friend doesn't make Okie mad" I say you are not there YET!!!!!!!, meaning OCD!!!!!! :)
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  12. AMEN Sista!!!! OCD my petunia!!! Organization is the key. I have been obsessed, sorry, with trying to find the perfect storage for my ctmh stamps. Maybe Linda's idea would help me. Also, do you have a video of your storage idea for stamps? Sorry, I had to ask. Thanks so much. You make my day. Slowly but surely working on my cricut cart boxes. Thanks so much for the G file. Take care. Sandy C.

  13. You GO, Shirley! I just started un-mounting my wood-mount stamps last week and have 40 dvd cases on the way. DH said, "You spent $XX to destroy perfectly good stamps?!" I said, "it's lots cheaper than adding square footage to the house!"
    I do have one problem, though...what do you do when you can't get the old mounting foam off the back of the rubber image? I have several odd-brand stamps and the old foam just comes off in little bits. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for showing us your global organization!

    1. "It's a lot cheaper than adding square footage to the house." Brilliant! I was going to tell my dh that I could always start storing my stamps in his office but I like your response better!

  14. I can only wish to have your affliction! Try as I might it just never sticks.
    Please come to my house.

  15. I'm not sure there is an easy way with some of those stamps. I actually threw a few away one time, luckily they were just some of the $1 stamps though.

  16. Little does the public know! The reason for the craft room organization is to find room to put the new supplies away. Can't keep buying when we run out of room to store things in. An empty spot means we can go BUY MORE! The is a reason to our madness!