Monday, October 17, 2011

OOPPSS! Been busy with layout kits!

I tell ya since I have been working so much I am lucky I even remember who I am these days! I have gotten a few cards made and will have to get pictures of them and get them posted. But what I have been spending most of my time on is layout kits!

I will be going to a Swarm next Saturday in Norman and in order to get anything done I have to make layout kits. This way I have all my elements ready and I just have to embellish, doodle, brad, faux stitch, ink, glitter, etc etc etc and put it all together and have something accomplished for my time while scrapping with friends! I was able to get 1 two page layout kit and 4 one page layout kits ready to take with me. I have some others designed in DS and if I have time this week I might cut out a few more. I am actually thinking this might be the best way for me to scrapbook from now on as well. That way when I don't feel like designing and cutting I will have something to complete *okie thinks deeply for a moment and wonders if she really is that ambitious*.

I have a friend coming next week as well! My friend Angela from Texas, who is also a Cricut lover *and okie thinks "expert" since Angela knows how to use the buttons on the Cricut*, is coming to spend  a few days with me and will also be attending the swarm! She is excited about getting to meet some of the other Cricut folks that she has talked to on the MB and Facebook. I am sure we will have a blast. I don't think we will have any problems finding common ground or things to talk about since when we do talk on the phone it is rarely less than a 3 hour conversation!

Oh in case you are wondering about how I do my layout kits I thought I would repost the video I did before showing how I do mine.


  1. great idea I always feel at a loss
    when I go. This way I can just
    "do it." Thanks again for another
    wonderful idea.


  2. Can you please make me some scrapbook layout kits!

  3. I love, love, love your idea!!! I'm going to a retreat in Nov. and this is a perfect idea. I'm going to get started today. Thank you so very much, you're the best!!!!
    mhalford6 @ aol. com

  4. When our scrappin' group gets together for our Scrapbooking Retreats a couple of times a year, everyone tries to bring everything they own - 2 weekends ago, 6 of us took FIVE cars full of stuff!!! My friend and I shared one car and all I brought were 2 rolling carts and my Cricut - I make the page kits up ahead of time and all I have to bring are a few extras! This is an awesome time-saver!


  5. Thank you for sharing! I never go to crops because I never know what to bring. Thanks to your video, I may reconsider. :-)

  6. It really does help to have kits ready. It is amazing how much I get done at a crop because when I have to get kits ready, I set a goal and get something done. Have fun at your swarm.

  7. this is what I always do for any crops that I go to and it works so well, I manage to get a lot done. It also means that I don't have to concentrate so hard and can chat whilst working LOL. You don't end up taking loads of supplies that you don't use or only half finishing a layout as you want to add something that you have left at home. Debbie

  8. I'm doing the same thing for a 3-day crop I leave for tomorrow. It really is the way to keep from hauling the whole stash.

  9. Great idea Okie!!! I remember going to those & NEVER getting anything done either. Too busy looking at everyone else's projects & gabbing! That was back in the olden days where I lived in a small town & actually new people who scrapped..oh how I long for those
    Puppy Hugs!

  10. Michelle please reconsider!! It is a lot of fun to go to crops. The layout kits make it to where you can just embellish your items and put the layout together and spend most of your time visiting, laughing and having fun!