Sunday, October 23, 2011

BAD BLOGGER OKIE! But here's a card

Yep I have been a bad blogger. I haven't posted since Wednesday and there really isn't a good excuse *okie isn't sure she really does excuses much anyway*, I just haven't felt like taking pictures, editing, writing, and posting.

I made this card I think last weekend, or it might have been before that. I can't really remember. My friend Nancy asked if I had a card for a boy who was into remote control cars. Of course she asks this and I tell  her "uh, no, don't have many boy cards" and then I ask when she needs it. And like most responses I get she said "oh tomorrow". I told her if I had time I would see what I could make. I was able to make one for her but it wasn't a very good one in my opinion *okie so hates working under pressure*.

When she came to get the card she said it was perfect. However I am not sure I believe her since she hasn't contacted me since then and I have no idea of the boy liked the card or thought it was the most stupid card he ever got in his life.

Either way I figured I would post the card for you guys to see.

I used Groovy Times for the car and Batman for the words. I also used the Cuttlebug Diamond Plate embossing folder for the bottom strip on the card mat. Like I said it is a pretty simple card but at least it was a car like what was requested. Oh and on the inside I printed "Hope you have a Winner of a birthday" and added some clipart checkered flags.

I didn't go to the Swarm this past weekend, had a pretty stressful week with work and personal life situations. I did however, work on the layouts this weekend and got them all done anyway and will be posting them throughout the week. I really like one or two of them.


  1. Sorry you didn't have a great week and not attend the swarm! We will pray for a better week to come.

  2. Very cute, and perfect for a hot-rod lover.

  3. looks like a perfect card

    very creative


  4. I LOVE the card! Now I might have to get the Groovy Times cart... :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I like it!!! I have decided that for guy cards, simple is best :)

  6. Knowing boys a bit, I'm sure he thought it was great, but if he is like my "boys" he was most interested in what might be inside that was green.

  7. Sorry you had such a week but had to stop in and tell you how cute this is!

  8. Oh Okie you sound like you are in need of that swarm. But I know when you just are drained you just can't get out the door. I wish I was there I would take you for a nice long walk in nature. That always renews me. I hope this is a better week.