Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Was Gonna Have a Video!

But I can't figure out the Movie Maker program on my new computer. I will work on it again tonight. The video is of my new cart storage system.

Also for those of you who have tried to download the Cricut Cart Box .cut file and haven't been able to do so I apologize. I am not sure what is wrong with the file download system but will check that out as well. If you are wanting it now please email me and I can email you the file. The file I have available easily for me to send is with George. I will see if I can get the one using Plantin loaded to my new computer as well.

So hang in there and I will have a video soon!


  1. Hi Okie! I would love a copy of the cut file for the cart box. I got the 4L box from Staples today and I am ready to convert!


    Thanks so much!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the video and your system :) Thanks for sharing

  3. Looking forward to your videos again Okie!

  4. Looking forward to your video! Hope the first few days of the new school year have been good to you!

  5. That is awesome storage. I would need two sets, because I am running over 100 carts now. I kinda hate to buy a second one with just barely any carts in it. SURELY, I'll NEVER have 80 MORE carts....("And don't call me SHIRLEY.) HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I guess you never hear that.
    "Help Me" Rhonda in AR

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  7. This is wonderful! Can you please email me the cartridge file for plantain? I can't wait to do this for my supplies! Thank you! ckscrap@yahoo.com