Monday, September 1, 2008

Was I up for the challenge??

I was challenged on the Cricut MB by DrewMessman. The challenge was to make a "naughty" card but it still had to be clean. The member that challenged me was able to make a rule and I was able to make a rule. His rule was that we could only use the Cricut and our paper cutters, no scissors or craft knives, etc. for cleaning up cuts. My rule was no embellies - paper only! Which I could have kicked myself since I was dying to use some ink or pen on the card but couldn't!!

I have not seen his card yet but this is the one I did.
There was more I could have done for the card but I knew I was having company this evening so I had to get it done.!


Drew got his card done.......OMG!! It is too funny!! And I think he must have peeked at my anatomy for this one! HA HA HA HA This was really a lot of fun! Thank you so much Drew for the fun challenge!!

In case ya can't read the words the front says "Feeling DROOPY? A little UNEVEN?" And the inside says "Hope this card PERKS you up!"