Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Okay okay not quite yet........but it isn't too early to be ready now is it?? OF COURSE IT ISN'T!

This is another Square3 card *.cut file posted in another post*. I used some of the Studio G stamps that Grits4ever sent me *okie cracks up everytime she says that name*. The tree at the bottom is a Marvy punch. My LSS owner got this punch last week and I ran by there this evening and asked if I could ask a HUGE HUGE HUGE FAVOR and borrow it to punch some trees. I had my paper with me so at least I wasn't asking to leave the store with it. But if I had she likely would have let me.......I HAVE THE BEST LSS OWNER EVER!!.

Oh yes back to the card. THe scrolls on the green strip is also from a Studio G stamp set, I think from series 11. I used Jasmine for the photo corners and Stamped for the square mats. I did have to use DS to size them how I wanted as it was a rectangle and I need a square. Anywho.....I think it turned out pretty nice!


  1. I really love your creations and come here often to have a lurk to get inspirations.

    A friend of mine gave me a blog award and I want to pass it on to you. Just visit my blog to find out more (english instructions under the german ones).

    Have a nice day!