Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little Scallop Circles

A MB member wanted a LITTLE SCALLOPED CIRCLE. The request was for 2 inches and 14 bumps *wonder if 14 is her favorite number*. The first one I made was a little over 2 inches and had 12 bumps. So I made another. I got the 14 bumps but overall it would be about 2.5 inches. UGH!!! So off I went again to see if I could get the overall circle and scallops to be 2 inches.

I DID IT! 2 inches over all with 14 bumps! WHEW!! *Sometimes wishes she would have paid more attention in math class* So when I was making this I thought "oh this will be great for me to use with my stamps!" But I think I can see so many more uses out of this cute little circle!! There are 3 mats and they are labeled with sizes and how many bumps they have. ENJOY!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the scallop circles.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these. I really appreciate everyone who shares their designs.
    AKA: tx-nana-scraps

  3. What cartridge did you use to create this? I've been trying to make one for myself and just can't seem to get the size and/or spacing right.
    Thanks for sharing!!