Thursday, April 3, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days....

Where no matter what you do you seem like you get nothing done? I had one today. I had such great hopes in getting so much done today.....but basically accomplished nothing!!

So I wanted to do some stamped images so I could stock up and also to send to a couple of people. I was excited about using the Stazon Ink. Well guess what...I am Stazon challenged! I bet I threw away about 15 images because they were blurry or goopy!! So I am back to using the Whispers Ink Pads that ScrapperDelighted sent me. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCRAPPER!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Thought I would get some other cards done also. I did get one cut out and put together (will have to take a pic later, too tired right now) and it turned out pretty cute. But the other one.......well I looked and looked and can't seem to find the JUST RIGHT paper! OOMMGGGG! How crazy is that? I just ordered 2 180 sheet packs, I got the Spring Stack and Glitter Spring Stack from SoftBrown today *I just love that girl! She knows I have no where here to shop* and I still can't find the right paper for that dang card. Oh I know I will one day, but just not today!!

So now probably won't get a chance to play again until next week! Having a garage sale this weekend so I will be busy with that stuff...UGH!!

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