Thursday, February 28, 2008


Okay I noticed something tonight, not sure how I missed it before. But Jack said "only 8 survived the crash". Why are they saying no one else survived???

WHEW! Who is glad that Desmond talked to Penny so he could find his constant? I sure was. Ya know this whole constant thing. I have a theory about that....

I think we all need a constant in our lives. No matter what happens in our lives as long as we have at least one constant that we know loves us and cares about us it will help us make it through the rough times in our lives. I have said this for years now. I know mine has always been my Aunt Betty. I need to call her more.........

Anyway back to LOST. So we still have more questions than answers. But at least we know that Faraday has a grip *sorta anyway* about what is going on with the time travel. Now when he will share this with us I just don't know!

I would post more but I gotta get some things done. Don't forget to check out TVGASM for great recaps.....very informative and humorous to boot!


  1. I was wondering about that "8 survived..." thing too. But mostly what I'm wondering is about baby Aaron. In the flash forwards is that Claire's baby Aaron, or was Kate really pg and had baby? Oh, it all makes my head hurt!

  2. I get so sure I have it figured out and then WHAM they slam me with something and I go huh? I agree Kopperhead it makes my head hurt!