Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rearranging and Neglecting Family and Friends

I don't know if I will ever stop rearranging my craft area! Does anyone else get a new product and decide they need to rearrange? Since getting my Cricut I think I have rearranged about 5 times now, well last night I rearranged about 3 but only counting that as one.

A friend called me the other night, she said "What the heck as you so mad at me that you haven't called me for 6 months?" Of course she was exaggerating as it has only been like a month, well maybe a month and a half. Smugly told her "I have been Cricuting". Well of course she had to ask what that was. I tell ya, people who don't have Cricut's don't seem to understand us people that do! It's almost like we are a different breed of humans. Some SUPERIOR breed (of course superior because I ain't about to say inferior!)

Anywho, I got an email from my favorite aunt earlier in the week and she wrote "I guess you are still scrapbooking since I haven't heard nothing from you". That made me think...OMG am I neglecting my friends and family?? And the answer is yes and no. While I am not spending time with them on the phone I am spending time with them placing wonderful memories in my cherished scrapbooks. I think they should feel honored and stop all that whining about me not calling or coming to see them! There is no pleasin some folks!

Now it is time for me to go put some glue on them and stick them on a page!!


  1. LMAO..i know the feeling!! I feel like i am forever picking up and re organizing my scrap area!! When i got the expression i had to do a major reorganization...moving stuff everywehre to fit my big bug on my desk!! I just can't stop buying!!!

  2. I rearranged my paper again yesterday eagerly awaiting my bazzil to come in and needing room for that. My daughter cracked up when she heard me repeating ROY G BIV as I was organizing my paper.

  3. i have to ask because im dumb what is the ROY G BIV with your paper??? is it something im going to have to reorganize my craft corner for??? my paper has no organization to it...its bad!!!!

  4. I am always rearranging my stuff too. Like ever time I need more space from buying more stuff, I try to use ever inch of my craft corner. I am getting my hubby to put up shelves and help me lift things.